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Chapter two: the way of yoga and the way of tancui

Chapter two: the way of yoga and the way of tancui question: what is the difference between yoga and tancui? In the way of submission, how to come to the right skills? How do we know that the skills we practice will succeed? There are many questions, first of all: what is the difference between traditional yoga and Tan Cui? Are they the same? Tancui and yoga are basically different.

They will achieve the same goal, but their ways are not only different, but also the opposite.

So this must be clearly understood.

Yoga is also a method and a skill.

Yoga is not a philosophy.

Just like Tan Cui, yoga depends on actions, methods, and skills.

Act leads to nature, as in yoga, but the process is different.

In yoga, one must fight.

It is the way for soldiers.

In Tan Cui’s way, one does not need to fight at all.

On the contrary, one must indulge – but with awareness.

Yoga is repressed with awareness, while Tan Cui indulges with awareness.

Tan Cui said that no matter what you are like, the final one is not opposite to it.

It is a kind of growth, and you can grow to the final one.

There is no confrontation between you and the truth.

You are a part of it, so you don’t need struggle, conflict or confrontation.

You must use nature, you must use whatever you are to surpass.

In yoga, you have to fight with yourself to surpass.

In yoga, “the world” and “moksha or liberation” – the “you now” and “you you can be” – are two opposite things.

Repress, fight and melt away the present you, so that you can reach the you you can be.

In yoga, transcendence is a kind of death.

You must die before the real nature can be born.

In Tan Cui’s eyes, yoga is a deep suicide.

You must kill your natural self – your body, your instinct, your desire, everything.

Tan Cui said that it is a deep acceptance to accept yourself as you are now.

Do not create a gap between you and the truth, or between the world and nirvana, do not create any gap.

For Tan Cui, there is no gap and there is no need to die.

To regenerate, you don’t need to die, just surpass, use yourself to surpass.

For example, sexual existence is the basic energy, the basic energy you generate through it.

You are born with sexual energy.

Your existence and the basic cells of your body are sexual, so the human mind will revolve around sex.

For yoga, you have to fight this energy.

Through struggle, you will create a different center in you.

The more you fight, the more integrated you become in different centers.

Then sex is not your center.

Of course, when you consciously fight against sex, you will create a new center of nature, a new focus and a new crystallization in you.

Then sex is not your energy, and you will create your energy to fight against sex.

A different energy will enter existence and produce a different center of existence.

For Tan Cui, you must use sexual energy, don’t fight it, change it.

Don’t think with hostility, be kind to it.

It’s your energy.

It’s not evil.

It’s not bad.

Every energy is natural.

It can be used to help you or against you.

You can make it an obstacle, you can also make it a ladder, it can be used.

If it is used correctly, it can become friendly.

If it is used incorrectly, it will become your enemy, but it is neither.

Energy is only natural.

Most people use sex.

It becomes an enemy.

It will destroy him.

He just radiates energy in sex.

Yoga takes the opposite view – contrary to the general mind.

The general mind is destroyed by its own desire, so Yoga says, stop desire and become without desire.

Fight with desire and create an integration without desire in you.

Tan Cui said, to be aware of that desire, do not have any struggle.

Enter desire with full consciousness.

When you enter desire with full consciousness, you can surpass it.

You enter it, but you are not in it; You have experienced it, but you still remain outside it.

Yoga has many attractions, because yoga is just the opposite of the general mind, so the general mind can understand the language of yoga.

You know how sex destroys you, how you go around it, like a slave, like a puppet.

You know this from your own experience, so when Yoga says to fight it, you immediately understand the language.

That’s its attraction.

That’s where yoga is easy to attract people.

Tan Cui is not so easy to attract people.

It seems very difficult: how to enter desire without being subdued by it? How do you consciously enter sexual behavior with complete awareness? The general mind is afraid.

It seems very dangerous, not that it is very dangerous.

Anything you know about sex creates this danger for you.

You know yourself, you know how you deceive yourself.

You know very well that your mind is cunning.

You can enter desire, sex and everything, and then deceive yourself that you are with complete awareness.

That’s why you think it’s dangerous.

The danger is not in tancui, the danger is in you.

Yoga is also attractive because of you, because of your general mind, because of your sexual depression, sexual hunger, and sexual indulgence.

Because the general mind is unhealthy for sex, yoga will be attractive..

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