Come and see! Yoga forward bending tips

Come on, Jia people.

Ask yourself, how many actions do you often do to hinder the blood circulation of the waist and legs? Wearing high heels, being used to driving, sedentary, playing with computers and crossing your legs…

Am I right? Today we bring you a very practical Yoga skill – forward bending skill.

When you have low back pain and sore legs, you might as well practice forward bending yoga.

It can stretch the tibia and ribs, tighten the muscles, improve the blood circulation of the waist and legs, and the action is simple and easy to learn.

The video below gives a detailed explanation of asana and the doubts you often have.

People can practice with our teacher Dandan! Asia Pacific store 0310-2066000 new century store 0310-3031020..

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