Core energy class [yoga three pulse eight round series] the new class will start on Tuesday night

Master maxim: you must understand the relationship between your body and infinite energy and how to tune it, so that you can have a healthy, happy, sacred and sound life, a satisfied life and a beautiful life.

Thus you can realize the satisfaction of existence in yourself.

You should be so satisfied that when you have to leave the planet, you will only say, “thank you!”—— Yogi Bhajan yoga master Kundalini Yoga is the best, exercisable, awareness raising and inner peace and joy practice in our family.

Each of us has an internal energy system.

Its main parts are divided into three meridians, seven energy centers (chakras seven rounds), an energy circle and a spirit (from Sanskrit Kundalini).

Ancient Indian yoga, Chinese Qigong, Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism, or Indian witchcraft beliefs all mention these parts of the common human energy center in the human body: three veins and seven rounds.

Nadis (nadis) is the channel of prana energy flow, with a total of 72000 nadis, of which three nadis are very important for understanding Kundalini.

They are IDA (left vein), pingala (right vein), sushmuna (middle vein).

Kundalini Yoga creates the pressure of Purana and mixes it with Apana.

When they are combined, the Purana center of the human body will generate heat.

This Purana heat will directly stimulate and promote Kundalini (the nerve of the soul, kundal means lover’s curly hair, which does not mean snake) – it is coiled in the root chakra in the form of three and a half circles.

This will wake it up and make it possible for it to pass through those energy vortices, the air wheel, and finally through the neck lock through sushuna’s pipe to make the energy reach the top of the head.

When Kundalini is awakened, the body as a vehicle will be driven by your soul, not by your negative false self.

Purana is the energy flowing in the body and energy circle, while Apana is the clearing energy flowing outward from the body, which are the two properties of energy creation and clearing.

They are the positive and negative aspects of vitality.

If these two properties fully exist and integrate together, a new phenomenon will arise.

This fusion will promote a kind of neutrality and calm, so that vitality flows in a different way.

The yogi described this phenomenon as the flow of energy into the open sushuna (midvein), the central channel of the spine to the brain.

Once this flow and circulation is established, kundalini energy awakens.

The first manifestation of this awareness and spiritual potential is enhanced concentration and clarity.

As energy flows through each chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra chakra.

This is a process of evolution to blissful and super perceptual realm.

After entering, you can easily distinguish between true and false, and control active sensory activities.

Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga’s all postures, breathing exercises, and meditation efforts are prepared for this core transformation process.

The purpose is to maintain the fusion of Purana and Apana energy after or during a series of exercises, so that kundalini can enter a stable state, deepen its role and open the energy channel it flows into.

This energy fusion can be achieved by using the body lock bandhas.

So what is a body lock and how to use it? Welcome to Kundalini yoga three pulse eight round series course.

Subject: Kundalini yoga three pulse eight round series course location: online conference room (at present, the big class is online) form: small class, private class teacher: Lu Ru is a small class time: every Thursday evening from 19:45 to 21:15 (report to the online classroom at 19:30).

The teaching content can be viewed back, and the video content is stored in the live group.

Fees for major courses: 150 yuan / person for major courses, 12 courses in total, and 1800 yuan for completion in three months.

Private teaching time: make an appointment three days in advance (both online and offline).

Private teaching fee: private teaching 300 yuan / person, a total of 12 classes, completed in three months, charging 3600 yuan.

For offline awareness studio (please provide nucleic acid test certificate, health code and travel code for offline class registration), tips: online registration is not limited.

Offline private class registration is limited.

Please make an appointment in advance.

They bring their own covered water cups, light colored loose clothes, and cleanliness addicts bring their own personal blankets to prevent cold and keep warm.

Seat confirmation can contact or scan the following wechat QR Code: Walker (wechat: guang00716) is actually those with great knowledge who have discovered the Qi chakras – their operation, their petals, their sound, their infinity, their relationship and their power.

These great people found that human life was completely based on these chakras, and they established a complete set of science.

It was this complete set of science that gave birth to Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is produced in this way—— Kundalini Yoga master yogibhajan extended to read the knowledge points of three pulse and eight rounds.

The summary is as follows.

Welcome to forward and collect..

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