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[daily lesson] – Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts 5-3

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Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts.

In the fifth class, the lawyer gave a lecture on “if all Bodhisattvas live in the precepts instrument” on June 12, 2021.

If all Bodhisattvas, this Bodhisattva, that is, ten believe in mortals and ten believe in positions.

Because this ring is to add all sentient beings who are gathered indefinitely.

Those with less than ten beliefs are in the light hair position, floating East and West with the wind, which varies with different smoking habits.

Indefinite aggregation is acceptability.

If we use the worldly law to smoke and practice, there will be no end to wandering life and death; If we use the worldly method to smoke and practice, then we can gradually incline to this holy way.

Therefore, in this Bodhisattva precept, since we have received this Bodhisattva precept, we should encourage others if we have received the precept, or do all evil.

The Sanskrit net Sutra says, “if you don’t receive the Buddha’s precepts, you are called an animal.

Where you live, you don’t see the three treasures, like wood and stone without heart.” For example, this child is ignorant.

His parents invited a teacher for him.

The teacher has strict regulations.

He has to set a class and when to read and recite.

There is a standard.

All sentient beings are just like that childish child.

The Buddhas of the third generation are like our mother, and the Baltic wooden fork is like a wise teacher.

All living beings cannot understand the cause and effect of good and evil.

The Buddha preached this precept for us.

We should strictly admonish.

We should practice like the Dharma.

The person who has been admonished should not miss it face to face, nor should he bear it in vain.

What do you mean you can’t miss it and take it in vain? That is to say, if you don’t accept the precepts, sometimes you feel like you have to accept the Bodhisattva’s precepts, “no, no, I’m afraid of breaking the precepts.” if you don’t accept the precepts, you have to find an excuse not to accept them.

Or don’t study hard after suffering, this is missed face to face.

In addition, hypocritical and untrue precepts mean that not only do I not repent and repent after receiving precepts, but also I think I am a Bodhisattva.

This is a false commitment.

Therefore, after receiving the precepts, we must follow the teachings, be modest and eager to learn, and regulate ourselves according to the law.

In the handout, it is said that the Yingluo Sutra and the Sanskrit net Sutra list ten commandments, and the Bodhisattva good commandment Sutra says “six at home and eight in becoming a monk”.

“Today, we talk about the four fold”.

Now the Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts talk about the four fold, that is, the last four of the ten fold and eight fold precepts.

What is the reason for omitting the first four important precepts? First, the four important precepts of killing, stealing, adultery and delusion are the precepts of common reputation.

However, when we accept the Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts, he must have previously joined the seven disciples, that is, he has previously received the five precepts at home, or he has received the ten precepts and full precepts of the Shami.

Among the seven precepts, there are four fundamental important precepts: murder, theft, prostitution and delusion, which are all contained in the precepts of the seven disciples.

“It has been made clear in the seven commandments, so I don’t bother to repeat it now.” he said that since it has been fully explained in the previous seven other liberation commandments, I don’t bother to explain it again in the Yoga Bodhisattva commandment, but it shows that the latter four Bodhisattvas should promote and transform, and the self-interest and altruistic method of increasing the commandment can be used.

Therefore, it does not mean that it has only four important precepts, including killing, stealing, prostitution and delusion.

When you are at home, you should receive the Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts before you become a monk.

You can only receive the Shami precepts and bhikkhu precepts when you become a monk.

On the second point, “if the seven people commit the four fundamental precepts, they will not be able to repent.

Even if they repent according to Mahayana, they must also see a good face.

Today, if they commit the four fundamental precepts, they can repent.

If they commit the high-grade precepts, they can be more accepted.

They can not be confused with the four fundamental precepts, so they are specially listed as the heavy prohibition of Bodhisattva.” That is to say, if you commit the fundamental quadruple killing, theft, adultery and delusion, the seven people’s other liberation precepts will not be able to repent.

The sound and news precepts are like this and will not be able to repent.

Even good! According to the law of Mahayana, he can repent and worship, practice phase repentance and non birth repentance according to Mahayana; However, according to the requirement of the confession law, you must repent and see a good face before you can destroy your sin.

The first four, to repent, to see a good face, the requirements are as follows.

These four heavy commandments praise themselves for destroying the following four heavy commandments.

Respectively, if the soft middle grade is entangled, the soft is the lower, the lower grade is entangled, and the middle grade is entangled.

Entanglement is trouble, sometimes called knot.

Entanglement is about the current situation.

This trouble will bind you as soon as the current situation.

Binding is about the seed, which is to bind and enslave you in the three realms and six ways.

What is violated by inferior troubles or middle-class troubles can be repented.

Inferior, to a monk multiplied by size; What is committed by Zhongpin entanglement is fundamental.

What is committed by Zhongpin entanglement can be confessed to the three Mahayana monks or Mahayana monks.

We should know that in the Dharma, the Buddha established a monk group to Abbot the Dharma.

Where does it also say that home residents can be disciplined for home residents, and home residents can repent for home residents? It’s wrong to compete with the monks.

It’s a wrong idea.

All the precepts were formulated by the monks of bhikkhu.

Buddha means that all the seven disciples should learn from bhikkhu.

In the ten chanting laws, it says: why should bhikkhu recite the bhikuni ring and learn the bhikuni ring? The blessed one said: after I perished, the wisdom of Bhikkhuni was scattered.

In the future, I will ask this precept from bhikkhu.

Bhikkhuni still wants to learn from bhikkhu, not to mention others? Other five situations.

So sometimes someone will ask, “some people say that if a resident at home wants to break the precepts, you can find a clean and clean resident to repent.” There is no such thing, which can never be seen in the law collection..

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