Fashionable and beautiful yoga pants show elegant temperament and the beauty you want. They are very advanced

Fashionable and beautiful yoga pants show elegant temperament and the beauty you want.

They are very advanced.

The matching of yoga pants is the most important.

For girls who are tall, short, fat and thin, if they are not matched well, they will look like bloated upper body, high heels at the feet, and tall girls may only be ignored.

Yoga pants are also a basic necessity.

They should wear high-grade shoes and try to wear high heels instead of cloth shoes like cloth shoes.

Originally, high-heeled shoes would have a noble and cold feeling, but with long yoga pants, they immediately look soft.

Today, as a novice, the girls should be very satisfied.

In fact, there is another detail to pay attention to, that is, the shoulders.

In fact, many girls don’t pay enough attention to their shoulders.

They don’t think it’s necessary to pay special attention, but they show their slender shoulders immediately by adding black yoga pants with shoulder width and high heels.

In fact, it is very easy to show shoulder width.

As long as you stick to the following actions, you can see the effect.

1、 Yoga pants with wide shoulder strap look one shoulder, with obvious and large one shoulder line, use clothes to transfer the brilliance and youth of clothes, and then look small with wide neckline, one shoulder one shoulder one shoulder one shoulder one shoulder.

2、 Loose shirt look makes use of the wide cutting of the shirt.

It’s best not to tuck the shirt into the clothes without fastening the buttons.

Insert the shirt into the clothes suture to show the upper body with long sleeves to create a wide shoulder, and then extend from the neck to the big arm.

Add a pair of black Capris.

The pants are loose and the black transition will not be stiff, Even if the trousers are too loose, they won’t feel sloppy.

3、 Thin long sleeve tlook long sleeve if you must fasten the button, you can use a bottomed shirt for bottoming.

It’s best not to choose too long T, otherwise the lines of the upper body will not protrude.

You can pull down the neckline and the lower body will be better.

4、 Puffy sleeves tlook if you don’t have to wear yoga pants on the street, you’d better choose puffy sleeves t.

Puffy sleeves actually show shoulder width.

If you’re not good at wearing puffy sleeves, you might as well try to break the original loose pattern and tie the hem out, which is very suitable for Asian women’s temperament and has its own aura, because puffy sleeves, This one-line shoulder is also the fashion of going up the mountain…

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