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Fitness Goddess: outdoor sports style, yoga pants wear personality charm

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                                                                                                                                       Today, let’s talk about the basic style of yoga pants, nine point wide leg pants.

Nine point straight pants, very thin.

The top is matched with a slightly thick coat, which is full of leisure style.

And the cropped pants won’t look too slim, wear them with flat shoes.

Here to share some classic Capri matching, I hope you like it.

Overalls have a very strong sense of tooling and highlight young personality.

Nine point overalls are very easy to wear.

Nine point pants are a style that shows thin legs.

The best way to match them is black high heels, which looks young and energetic.

Nine point straight pants, if the coat is a tooling coat, it is very handsome.

Capris are also a good choice, and very casual.

It’s a good choice to match with flat shoes.

The casual pants like Capri pants, together with short boots or short boots, highlight the taste of leisure.

Jeans have a strong texture, wide and loose trouser legs are very suitable for cool street style.

Nine point jeans are also very good to match, and flat shoes feel very good.

The 9-point jeans are very casual, not only do they not appear particularly tight, but also show the taste of leisure.

Cool short boots and jeans are a perfect match.

With cool nine point pants, you can instantly turn into a fashion trend girl, young and beautiful.

If jeans are paired with pencil boots, they can add a sense of style and hold you in your hand like a rope.

Whether it’s a simple black dress or small black shoes, it can highlight the texture of matching.

If it is 9-point pants, with a long chiffon shirt, the length is moderate and very thin.

The solid color jacket with broken flowers is matched with a pair of broken flower nine point pants, which is very cute and foreign.

The pink solid color top, paired with blue broken flower pants, is very suitable for girls with small and fresh style.

A simple white coat with broken flower pants shows great vitality.

The red one shoulder top is very fashionable with jeans.

The Striped solid color top, paired with nine point bell bottoms, nine point pants and black single shoes, is very thin.

Nine point wide leg pants are not as straight as straight pants.

They are a bit like straight pants.

It’s the same 9-point pants.

A casual 9-point wide leg pants are more slim than straight pants.

The 9-point wide leg pants are very good to match.

It doesn’t matter if the pants are very long.

They look generous and temperament with middle heel boots.

Capris can also be very fashionable.

Many mature girls like to wear Capris.

If you wear it with a skirt, give you a look and feel it yourself.

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