Five elements meridians Yoga Workshop enters Xiamen (3.18-3.20)

What do you think of when you mention Xiamen? In March, Yang Qi will lead the class of five elements meridians Yoga – a three-day and two night workshop to meet you in Xiamen 12 years of practical experience in pure plant diet.

He has won the “outstanding trainer Award”, “public welfare Ambassador Award”, “Trainer’s home lecturer”, “chinafit China Conference – industry outstanding contribution award”, “focuszen Zhengnian Shuya brand ambassador” and other awards, and established a personal “oxygen love fund” to fund the orphans of Sichuan Kangding Tagong.

The five elements meridians yoga, a Chinese style yoga founded by her, has influenced hundreds of thousands of people to obtain happy nourishment and physical and mental health through yoga lifestyle.

Course introduction: the three-day and two-night workshop integrates the complete system of five elements, airway intelligent breathing, emotional healing, oxygen healthy kitchen and free sleep.

To achieve the goal of channeling meridians with acupoints and meridians, balancing yin and Yang, unblocking Qi and blood, regulating Zang Fu organs, harmonizing Qi machines, balancing emotions, making the body, heart and spirit harmonious and unified, and achieving the effect of treating diseases, preventing “disease” and plastic fitness in the system of self-healing.

Two nights of emotional healing, candlelight chanting meditation & touchyoga, are characteristic courses for workshops! 01.

[orthostatic Yoga] adjust the wealth bag, high and low shoulders, thoracic scoliosis, hyperextension, etc.

orthostatic yoga is the foundation.

Starting from the bone homing and the establishment of muscle awareness, it helps to correct the bad shape, regulate the scoliosis of spine, lumbar disc herniation, Fugui bag, X-type O-type leg, crus valgus and other problems and diseases, and the effect is remarkable.

02 — [five elements skill regulating viscera function] the twelve meridians connect the viscera and external fur, corresponding to the five elements wood, fire, earth, gold and water, to relieve the five emotions, calm Yin and Yang, Nourish Qi and blood, improve the functions of various viscera, start the meridians energy fusion posture, and stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism.


[airway – intelligent breathing method] “if you are full of Qi, you don’t want to eat.

If you are full of Qi, you will have blood.

Those who are full of Qi have a light gait and high spirit.

Turning unconscious breathing into conscious breathing and connecting with the body anytime, anywhere is the advanced realm of yoga practice.

Water breathing can open the Qi of Dantian, strengthen kidney function, promote bladder detoxification, cooperate with the water pulse posture method of five element meridian yoga, tonify the kidney and consolidate the foundation, the kidney dominates fear in the five elements, drive away fear from the psychological level, supplement the sense of security and internal self-confidence, regulate gastrointestinal diseases, improve irregular menstruation, and have auxiliary healing function for urinary system diseases.


[emotional healing] any external imbalance of the body and organic lesions of the internal organs are inextricably linked with emotions.

People have seven emotions, six desires, five emotions, and five emotions into the five elements.

Through emotional management and dredging, they can give practitioners real healing and improve life energy.


[oxygen health kitchen] interpret the interactive relationship between the energy of the five colors entering the five zang organs and the mind nature corresponding to the five element meridians yoga, and repair the self relationship, intimate relationship and social relationship.

Explain the production and principle of balanced diet and five elements Yue juice, and help develop a healthy lifestyle and thinking mode.

Suitable for people 01 – Friends of ordinary people who are interested in the five elements, meridians and yoga and want to know how the three combine; People who want to improve their physique of deficiency of Qi and blood and cold hands and feet; Friends who want to improve their emotional management ability and get rid of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression and mania; Friends who want to regulate menstruation (such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and menstrual syndrome) and solve gynecological problems; Friends who want to regulate stomach pain, anemia, weight loss, puffiness, fatigue, memory loss and other symptoms; Friends who want to improve their body’s self-healing ability; Friends who want to regulate allergic rhinitis, constipation, skin allergy, chronic pharyngitis, periarthritis of shoulder, Fugui bag, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, three highs (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia), fatty liver and other modern common diseases; Friends who want to improve their bad posture (such as high and low shoulders, abnormal pelvis, O / X / XO legs, scoliosis, crus valgus, long and short legs, flat feet, thumb valgus, etc.) and improve their temperament; Friends who want to learn healthy vegetables and start a healthy life; 02.

Yoga lovers who want to get a good practice attitude and release good ideas; Lovers who want to repair the pain caused by improper practice; Yoga lovers who want to be excellent yoga teachers; 03.

Yoga teachers who want to learn and spread the teaching of [five elements meridians Yoga]; By studying traditional Chinese medicine culture and holographic theory, we can improve our private teaching specialty and yoga teaching specialty, and have more applications to yoga psychology.

Word of mouth witnessed that “through breathing + asana practice, the wealth package has been greatly improved in just a few days.” in six years, synovitis is swollen and painful, the inflammation does not disappear, walking obstacles and poor flexion and tension.

Through 5 classes, the swelling and pain disappear and recover..

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