Funny: let’s practice yoga together!

Colour I’m not clean.

Erhuo is on a business trip.

I called the supplier to drink a lot of wine every night and reminded her to eat more vegetables and drink less, She said she would protect herself! As soon as I lay down in the evening, she called and said: husband, I’m not clean…

I sat up with my head buzzing, and the picture of brain mending can’t be stopped…

I heard her continue to say slowly: in the afternoon, I went to the pigsty in the fertilizer fermentation base of the supplier, stepped on the pigsty for several times, but it’s not dirty…

Stepping on pig shit means stepping on pig shit, Why are you talking so exciting! My colleague has a bald head.

Recently, he has been shouting cold and doesn’t wear a hat.

I had an idea, turned up the collar of his high necked sweater and just covered his head: “it’s not cold, masked man!” Er Huo turned down his collar and said, “a ghost! It looks like TM’s foreskin is too long.” I…

Yoga took the bus and my girlfriend took the bus.

We talked and laughed all the way.

As a result, a man from an iron tower next to me stepped on my foot.

I immediately said, “brother, you accidentally stepped on my foot.” The elder brother was also Frank: “what is carelessness? I mean it.

I’m angry to see you go out and show your love.” What does the subway look like? I flirted with the Goddess: “you are like a book.

The more you read, the more you want to sleep.” Then the goddess asked me, “what kind of book is it like?” I answered casually, “like Xinhua dictionary.” As a result, the goddess ignored me for several days.

What? Did I say something wrong? Today, my friend drove me home.

After I got on the bus, I habitually lit a cigarette.

My friend choked off my cigarette and said, “don’t smoke in the car, it will smell like smoke.” I slapped him down.

The battery car smells like your sister’s smoke! Is the apple big? On the night of breaking up, his girlfriend coquettishly said, “a spring night is worth thousands of gold!” While playing mobile games, I replied, “an inch of gold can’t buy an inch of time!” Alas! Breaking up!!! Yesterday’s most exciting girl click on the picture to view Harvard dermatology in the United States.

It’s so awesome! It took 3 years to develop “eczema eraser” and wipe it to change the skin easily! Put it in the toilet, deodorize and descale in 30 seconds, and don’t brush the toilet for half a year! Even farting is fragrant.

I washed away the meat residue between my teeth in 5 seconds.

I spent dozens of yuan to buy a doctor who can “wash my teeth” at any time! A 94 year old woman in Germany never uses shampoo, but she has thick dark hair.

She only uses it to wash her hair every day…

There are more than 900000 bacteria in the refrigerator for one night?! In this way, keep bacteria in the refrigerator.

Don’t wait to be infected!..

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