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Guo Xiaoli yoga instructor ability improvement class (phase II) Baidu cloud HD complete

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    —– Ignore the following and fill in the content—–            ”   As soon as Gu Sanlang and Chu Mu got home, they saw a luxury carriage parked at the door, and outside the door, there was a little boy standing with his neck stretched out from the crack of the door to look into the yard.

   They sat down outside.

Gu Xiaoqiao just brought out the water.

”    His answer was not what he asked.

Everyone else looked confused and forced.

On the contrary, Gu Sanlang was thoughtful.

” Gu Xiaoqiao stamped his feet when he saw that Gu yunlang was unprepared.

”    He explained: “I asked shopkeeper Zhang and found it myself.

So the village head asked her to see it.

She really couldn’t see anything.”    Seeing Gu yunlang looking at him, Jiang stopped the wind and hurriedly introduced himself, “Oh, my surname is Jiang and my name is Jiang stopped the wind.”    Asked shopkeeper Zhang yesterday, he only said he knew they were from Qingshan Town, and he didn’t know anything else.

   There are few fruits in Yunyang Prefecture.

In winter, there is almost nothing to eat except pears and apples.

   Gu Xiaoqiao is one side of her.

She has been seventeen this year.

Other people’s daughters and seventeen year old children have been born.

Gu’s mother is also worried.

   I have to say that brother Saburo is also a transgressor.

He has great luck!    “Brother Sanlang, who is he?” Shen Nan didn’t think he would be Gu Sanlang’s friend as he said.

Just looking at his coquettish smile, she didn’t think they would be passers-by.

   He shrugged helplessly.

He turned back and looked at Shen Nan with a smile.

“This is my sister-in-law!”    A smoky blue Ru skirt sets off her exquisite posture.

Her skin is white as snow.

Her dark hair is half loose and half tied.

She is fixed at will with a pearl flower.

A pair of peach blossoms smile and hold a little girl in her hand.

She looks quite charming.

He was dressed in a crimson gown and had a silver jade belt around his waist.

But soon after the beginning of spring, he took a fan to fan around.

He didn’t feel cold.

”    Asked shopkeeper Zhang yesterday, he only said he knew they were from Qingshan Town, and he didn’t know anything else.

” Gu’s mother smiled and lost her eyes.

Seeing that he was so polite, she patted him on the arm happily.


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