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Have you practiced the “power” of 30 yoga poses correctly? [collection level]

Yoga practice is not just a move, keep breathing, find the corresponding perception, and feel the force of relevant muscle groups.

It is the key for us to practice yoga.

So, in each pose practice, do you know the direction of the force of the corresponding pose and the trajectory of the posture operation? 1、 Standing pose 1, mountain pose with arms raised 2, standing precursor 3, tree pose 4, warrior pose 5, warrior pose 2 6, goddess pose 7, horse riding pose 2, sitting pose 8, walking stick pose 9, cow face pose 10, sitting angle pose 11, sitting posture spine torsion 3, transition pose 12, downward dog pose 13, half arm downward dog pose 4, kneeling pose 14, cat pose 15, cow pose 16, tiger pose 17, tiger pose 2 18, camel pose 5 Support pose 19, top dog pose 20, four column pose 21, side plate pose 22, anti inclined plate 23, wild pose 24, wheel pose 6, prone pose 25, bow pose 26, half frog pose 7, supine pose 27, supine needle eye pose 28, small bridge pose 29, supine hand grasping big toe 8, inverted three-dimensional pose 30, wall half hand handstand 31, head handstand, the force direction of each pose above, In their own practice, pay more attention to feel, try to find their own perception of practice…

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