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Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! On May 9, actress Chen Shu took a group of yoga fitness photos on her microblog.

At the age of 43, she showed strong flexibility and great difficulty in movement.

It seems that she doesn’t work less at ordinary times, and her limbs are slim and her body proportion is very good.

As for yoga, Chen Shu also said that continuous persistence is not so much self-discipline as love.

Chen Shu’s handstand split is very difficult, but she moves very well, her feet collapse very straight, and it looks very easy.

It is also very helpful for body shaping! No wonder Chen Shu can keep such a good figure.

Yoga is very beautiful and looks very pleasing to the eye.

As an actor, Chen Shu is also one of the actresses with outstanding acting skills.

The performance of the actress in the hit drama perfect relationship as a supporting role has attracted the attention of the audience.

Chen Shu graduated from Chinese opera.

His representative works: conspiracy, new Shanghai beach, love of the city, iron pear flower, the invincible, a generation of heroes, Zetian Ji, Peace Hotel, etc.

are all familiar works.

Although they are not high-yield actors, they must produce good works.

Chen Shu comes from a scholarly family with a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere.

She also found a piano artist Zhao Yinyin as her husband.

It seems that she is also very artistic and looking for a like-minded partner.

No wonder we can make such a good film and television play.

After marrying Zhao Yinyin, Chen Shu did not have his own children.

His husband Zhao Yinyin is also a second marriage and has a son.

Chen Shu also regards him as his own, and his relationship with his son is also very good.

Sometimes he will sun photos with his son on his microblog.

Chen Shu, a loyal fan of yoga, is very infatuated with this sport.

He has been studying for many years and won the intermediate coach certificate of Gandhi Yoga Institute in India in 2004.

It seems that such a good posture is also the result of years of exercise.

The practice of Yoga also promotes Chen Shu’s acting! Self cultivation can be more involved in different roles.

It is estimated that this is why she will like this sport.

Chen Shu is also included in many awards in China, including the 4th Huading Award for best actress in Chinese love theme, the 17th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award for best actress in TV, the 26th China TV Golden Eagle Award for TV drama actress loved by viewers, the 6th Huading Award for best actress in TV drama The nomination of the best actress in the series of Magnolia Award in the 19th Shanghai TV Festival is still a well deserved microblog screenshot of Chen Shu.

Netizens commented one after another: “I’m so greedy for the body of a goose! My motivation for fitness really comes from my sister!” “Self discipline is the best”, “today is the number of yoga”, “felt a powerful and detached power”, “silently looked at my legs”.

After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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