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In your yoga years, there is a secret that you are not old

Since the annual classmate party of yoga, others are getting fatter and fatter, but you are getting tighter and better.

You just stick to yoga every day, but you seem to forget to make you older.

Since the Yoga friend dinner, you have changed from meat to vegetarians.

You no longer eat fried chicken, beer and kebabs, but fall in love with salad, vegetables and juice.

You don’t deliberately restrain yourself It’s about listening to your body tell you what you need.

Since practicing yoga, those friends who play mahjong and go shopping say they can’t make an appointment with you, because you are always busy practicing yoga or go to the Yoga Retreat Center for a week.

You don’t deliberately avoid them, but compare mahjong When shopping, you think yoga is the more important thing.

Since you practiced yoga and gave birth to children, you still look like a girl, always sunny, like the little sun at home, warming your heart.

Time passes day by day, but there is no trace on you.

Since you practiced yoga, you are more and more serious about your work.

After work, you will also study and study hard to meet a better yourself.

Everyone begins to make mistakes In the middle age crisis, you seem to live younger and younger.

If you are beautiful now, please try to keep your beauty with yoga.

If you have been beautiful before, please try to find your beauty with yoga.

If you have never been beautiful before, please try to awaken and present the beauty of life in Yoga! The most romantic thing is not to grow old together, but to get better and better together.

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