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Indian Yoga holy city tour

Only when you leave can you really meet, and only when you put it down can you really get it.

When there is no self, you begin to live yourself.

When you can really live yourself, you really have no self.

In the Mahaparinirvana Sutra, the Buddha said: if you see the Buddha relic, you see the Buddha.

Offering relic is the treasure of the Buddha, and seeing the Buddha is the Dharma body.

The fourth volume of the golden light Sutra says: “the Buddhist relics are smoked by the immeasurable six paramita merits and virtues.

They are smoked and cultivated by the discipline and wisdom.

They are very difficult to obtain.

They are the most blessed fields.”.

Volume 59 of the theory of great wisdom states: “providing for Buddhist relics, even like mustard promises, will bring boundless blessings and even hardships.”.

On the first day of October, the Buddhist relic Pagoda in the National Museum of India came to the famous goddess temple in northern India to pray for blessings.

For relatives and friends, parents and ancestors, sentient beings.

The photo I got yesterday was seen in the goddess Temple today.

It’s said that things happen by chance.

In fact, God arranges them.

Each step seems to be your choice, and who is in control behind you.

It seems difficult to have no self, but it’s not through no self.

How can we live without his grace.

Even “I” is his creation.

Ordinary days are like this, that’s it.

We have gained more than we need and lost what we had- Menaka Rishikesh’s ordinary time , cattle and dogs on the Rishikesh River , who sits here every day looking at the sunset, the whole city and the flowing river.

What is life asking? Who am I? Where am I from? Where are you going again? How many practitioners once lived in these caves, looking for the answer to life, and left their footprints in the ruins.

Walking in the empty house, everything is traceless, there is no one, the beauty is incomplete, and the children’s laughter stirs up hope here again.

The sun has not forgotten the daily observation, the world is still, the time is still_ Menaka riscaish Beatles retreat “if life really calls you, you will respond to it with the greatest enthusiasm and without hesitation and worry.” Quoting this passage, I think of sakuru’s Enlightenment on the response to all things.

Your response should be unlimited, whether it’s gangrenbozima pangyongcuo or a cow on the street of riskaishi 🐮 Here, everyone smiles and greets the strange you, Namaskar! 🙏 Let’s connect instantly, which is also a response.

In the days of small town, yoga, singing, walking and meditation, shuttle through the market like them, integrate here and enjoy the present_ Menaka rishkaisi’s time} all kinds of feelings are mixed together, all kinds of spices are mixed together, and all kinds of sounds are mixed together.

It also needs some concentration to achieve balance.

Therefore, the moment of return to the center is not disturbed by the outside world.

Learn from the leisurely pace of the Indian uncle and the divine cow.

However, the world is more than beautiful! Even cattle and cattle, dogs and dogs will fight and crowd out, and the human world is more complex and unpredictable.

If you can choose the good, choose the good and make friends, choose the good and live, you can reduce the consumption.

It can also be regarded as maintaining energy on the right road for further development.

If you stand high, all the problems are no longer problems.

The world is like this, mixed with sadness and joy, joy and sorrow, birth and death, the law of the jungle.

Living well is not a simple thing.

It’s not complicated to live a good life.

Relax, relax, see who you are.

That is, pure consciousness_ Menaka rishkaish’s time: the pure air of the holy city is mixed with the smell of cow dung and spices, emitting different colors and lights from morning to evening.

It is neither dazzling nor mediocre.

It has an extraordinary temperament.

It attracts Yoga lovers all over the world.

Here, it fades all the prosperity and returns to simplicity.

Walking along the Bank of Heng River, there are also those ethereal and mysterious Sanskrit songs floating in the valley, rivers and forests.

The walking and jumping of cattle, horses, monkeys and dogs are also a part of this place.

Cattle of various appearances stroll leisurely in the street.

They will be close to people and enjoy the bright sunshine and clean air with close friends of the same kind.

In the evening, the daily sacrificial chanting along the Ganges celebrates the end of the day or the end of life.

Who says life is not a celebration, from birth to death.

The sound of drum music and dance on the pavement of streets and alleys stirs up the joy of passers-by.

Let’s be happy together! Even the ascetic monks on the roadside will naturally follow and dance.

Everything here is full of harmony between vitality and tranquility, the natural transformation between disorder and order, and the flow of love between animals and people, between people and nature.

Although there is no material luxury here, it presents the most natural appearance of everything.

Feel it and enjoy it.

Such a beauty is worth indulging in_ The river of life never stops flowing, there is no death or birth, just exists.

Like the Ganges, it never stops flowing.

You are the existence.

You, the Lingjia, are the sun and the wind.

Created you, you are a part of creation.

Wherever you are, feel that existence.

Remove the part of the mind_ Menaka rishkais The feeling of valennaise six years before the twilight Ganges is completely different from that of coming back today.

It is a lot dull and no longer so curious, but it may not be able to really understand it.

Looking at such a noisy and strange ancient holy land with a history of more than 5000 years, those legends and stories hidden in the castle are still unknown to me.

Here, life and death are together, bare and laid out for you to see.

Beggars and civilians, ascetics and curious seekers, devout pilgrims and various small traders, animals and people, the Ganges and everything.

Like a grand performance to attract the audience, it is also natural to present the original appearance, which is not designed, does not agree and does not please..

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