Main differences between yoga warrior I and crescent (detailed explanation of practice)

If you only look at the front of the upper body, Crescent (also called high lunge) it looks the same as the warrior type.

The distance between the feet is about the same.

The front leg bends 90 °, and the hips are placed straight ahead.

Both postures help to open the hips, which requires strength and concentration.

The difference between the two is mainly in the back leg.

The crescent type is different from the warrior type.

In short, the crescent type can be regarded as a variant of the warrior type , it’s easier than a warrior, especially if your hips and groins are tight.

Crescent can stretch the hip flexor and the front leg.

Soldiers have more muscles that help open the groin and can enter from the mountain pose.

How to enter the new moon pose? Start from the right side, open your hands at the same height as your shoulders, and your right foot is about 3-4 feet back.

Your right foot is facing the front, and your left toe is slightly lifted off the ground.

Let the inside and outside of your foot be equally pressed to check whether your hips are in front, lift your hands up to the ceiling, and then bend your left knee.

Try to parallel your thighs to the ground.

If not, it doesn’t matter, The technique of keeping the knee directly above the ankle in the crescent pose.

Now, you are basically doing the crescent pose.

However, make sure that the posture is in the right position to avoid injury.

The upper body is up and back, and the shoulders are directly above the hips.

Instead of leaning forward, imagine that the navel is retracted to the spine.

When you do this, you will feel that the front hip is more open.

If you need to bend your right leg a little, Or when you land on your back knee, you can imagine that your shoulders are away from your ears, your shoulder blades sink to your back, your finger tips keep looking up for the sky, or you can bend back and open your chest.

Keep breathing for 5-10 times, take a deep breath, and then change sides.

From crescent pose to warrior pose, the difference between crescent pose and warrior pose is that in the crescent pose, the back heel is raised and the hip is straightened.

However, in the warrior pose, keep the heel on the ground, buckle 45 degrees in the sole of the foot, step on the ground in front of the heel, and lift the back arch.

These two poses can help you improve strength, confidence and elegance, Then bring these qualities into your life and pour the quality of yoga into your blood.

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