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Make these five mistakes, the more you practice yoga, the more you get sick!

Yoga, practice right to keep fit, practice wrong to hurt the body 5 Yoga misunderstandings, especially pay attention! Keep an empty stomach before and after exercise.

It’s best not to eat 1 hour before and after exercise.

If it’s hypoglycemia, you can eat some digestible food 1 hour before exercise.

Because it is a whole-body exercise of yoga, involving forward bending and twisting handstand, it will squeeze the abdomen, resulting in nausea and dizziness, affecting the digestion of food.

Take a cold shower just after practice, especially in summer.

Many people like to take a cold shower immediately after yoga, but their pores are dilated after exercise, which will stimulate our skin.

It is recommended to dry your sweat with a towel, rest for half an hour, and then take a warm bath.

Only stretching and practicing flexibility yoga, the more you practice later, you will find the importance of the core of strength.

Many people mistakenly think that yoga is stretching? In fact, yoga is not only flexible, but also requires strength, balance, and other physical qualities.

The core of strength is very important.

Support asanas, handstands and other advanced asanas require the participation of strength.

If you don’t concentrate on yoga, you should focus on the practice.

When you practice while playing with your mobile phone and thinking about what to eat for dinner, your mind is not in the moment.

Such practice will not only have no effect, but will be easy to get hurt.

The heart of comparison practices together in the classroom.

Some people see that the people next to them bend forward, and some people can catch their toes, so they bend down hard and let the waist compensate.

Yoga has never been a “contest” of difficult postures.

Listen to the body’s feelings and practice under the correct guidance.

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