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Once the chest is opened, the temperament comes naturally. How to open the chest? Yoga sequence attached!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! So today Xiaobian shares 7 postures, which can not only open the chest, but also relax the shoulders and neck.

The effect is very good! 1.

Stretch your chest muscles Sit on your side against the wall with your palms against the wall Straighten your hands and stretch your chest muscles slightly forward Cooperate with breathing, stay for 60 seconds and change to the other side.


Relax the trapezius muscle Choose simple sitting, with the sciatic bone rooted down and the spine extended Inhale, bend your right elbow back and hold the inside of your left arm Exhale, bend your head to the left and sink your right shoulder After 8-10 breaths, change to the other side to continue 3.

Threading From dog to needle Thighs vertical to the ground, hands extended forward against the ground The right hand passes through the left armpit and the left hand moves backward Bend your elbows on your back and open your chest Pay attention to keep the pelvis stable, stay for 1 minute and change to the other side.


Dolphin Exit from the needle and enter the dolphin Keep your elbows on the ground and keep your spine extended Feel the chest and armpit open, and stay for 8 breaths.


Stand and bend forward Exit the dolphin pose with your hands on the ground and your legs forward Inhale and return to the mountain pose with your hands clasped on your back Open chest, inhale, lengthen spine, exhale, and bend forward Keep your hands away from your back for 5-8 breaths.


Stand and bend forward Stand and bend forward, clasp your hands and put the back of your head The hands and the back of the head are antagonistic to each other, and the knees are slightly bent Stop for 5-8 breaths and slowly restore the mountain pose.


Relax Roll up the yoga mat and put it under your upper back Relax your hands naturally, relax your shoulders and stay for 3 minutes.

Attached tips: 1.

Try to avoid lowering your head for a long time in daily life.


A long-term hunchback with chest will cause the neck to lean forward and cause neck strain.


Choose a pillow suitable for yourself.

Many cervical spondylosis are caused by inappropriate pillows.

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