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Plump and “meat” Yoga Pants beauty, choose a simple and lightweight skirt, which is beautiful and moving

Plump and “meat” Yoga Pants beauty, choose a simple and lightweight skirt, which is beautiful and moving.

The matching skills of yoga pants.

How do you match your big cousin? Recently, I was watching “everything is good”.

At the beginning, I felt like “Su Mingyu” because my mother changed herself and became a good mother.

Su Mingyu’s family conditions were not good when she was a child, but it was because of her own efforts that the family gave her better material conditions.

Many people pay attention to how Su Mingyu matches formal clothes, but according to your figure, you should make an appropriate choice according to your figure.

First of all, let’s take a look at the three supermodels: in fact, Su Mingyu’s collocation is still very good: Well, let’s talk about collocation.

There are several misunderstandings I must make clear and share with you: 1 I have said in my previous post that matching according to season does not mean looking good, but respect for age.

You’d better try different collocations in various seasons, otherwise it’s easy to wear four different feelings.


It is better to have less than three colors in one body.

It is best to have less than three colors in one body.

Except for the white and beige in cooler colors, other colors should not be used as much as possible.

Because people’s vision is more sensitive to people with cold colors, people with cold colors always feel that it is easy to penetrate light when wearing white, which is not fashionable as a whole, and looks like a big cotton padded jacket.

However, if you wear too many colors on your upper body and too few colors on your lower body, it will make the overall shape very uncomfortable and look nondescript.

Is it because people are thin? Isn’t it because you have too many colors? 3.

The color should have a sense of hierarchy.

The neutral color is black, white and gray.

Do not use it too much, otherwise it will appear very complicated.

You can also choose bright color and jumping color.

For example, the following three kinds of gray and bright colors do not have to be worn in all colors.

The colors in the following figure are too light.

Therefore, if you wear a bright color item, you must pay attention to the color transition.


It is not difficult to form a hierarchy.

As long as you pay attention to the sense of hierarchy in your dress, your dress collocation is prone to such color collocation: because compared with a single dress, the dress with very rich colors looks more exquisite and fashionable.


Appropriate color contrast can be tried.

Color contrast is a good color matching method.

Color contrast seems troublesome, but it can also solve your daily matching problems.

Because it’s easy to wear them together, and it doesn’t take much time…

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