Plump yoga pants with “meat” make you the focus of beauty, and the proportion is good

Plump yoga pants with “meat” make you the focus of beauty, and the proportion is good.

The matching of yoga pants is actually very simple.

In the following 9 matching methods, you can also find a combination of three.

Black coat + black coat + Black Wide Leg Pants key points: it can not only improve the overall brightness, but also create the feeling of big and long legs.

Wear a black T-shirt or shirt on the upper body and black shorts or wide leg pants on the lower body to expose the slender ankles, making the overall collocation simple and refreshing.

Key points of nude coat + nude Wide Leg Pants: it can also create a “bit scary” effect.

The large V-neck design highlights the clavicle line, plus the towering three-dimensional shoulder blades, which makes people feel more dangerous.

Black top + black top + Black Wide Leg Pants key points: wearing black, you can choose velvet fabric inside, giving people a sense of fortitude and making the overall collocation more neutral.

If it is high-heeled shoes, use the exaggerated effect of high-heeled shoes to cover up the overall sense of procrastination.

Key points of black coat + Black Wide Leg Pants: the most interesting collocation of black wide leg pants is to show a “little” white canvas shoes to show this unique temperament.

It is suggested to choose concise styles as far as possible in color matching to avoid complex styles.

Ouyang Nana is dressed in black chiffon shirt + dark green wide leg pants.

The color difference is large.

The green wide leg pants on the right are more bright.

You can choose the inner matching of different materials, such as gold or black.

You must pay attention to the hierarchical sense of matching in order to highlight your own personality.

Key points of orange coat + brown Wide Leg Pants: orange is a color that makes people warm as a whole.

Camel boots are also a good item.

In addition, red items are also a universal match.

Orange coat with brown wide leg pants is a very challenging match.

It needs good height and leg length, or its own legs are very thin to control.

Fishtail coat + blue wide leg pants key points: safe wearing method.

Choose blue jeans that are slightly darker than the color of shoes, which will not be too monotonous, but also look advanced.

If you want to use a more interesting collocation, it is a good choice to match the blue coat with the colored striped coat.

But remember, try to match it with other plain tops, it will be more energetic.

Military green top + Purple wide leg pants key points: the military green top with purple wide leg pants is retro and high-grade.

It is a good combination.

The top should be as concise as possible, but there should be no defects.

Therefore, you can choose bold styles such as pink series and yellow series.

In any case, although purple wide leg pants are more attractive, they are very suitable to match with white and sweater.

Camel Top + printed wide leg pants key points: Camel Top + dark wide leg pants look very clean and even a little playful.

However, compared with the dark wide leg pants, the camel coat should try to choose a bolder style.

You can match the coat with a pair of high heels with thin heels.

Key points of black top + Black Wide Leg Pants: Black Top + dark wide leg pants are a bold match.

You can use the popular woolen denim wide leg pants of the season.

Put the wide leg trousers with rough edges into the trousers with a very short coat to increase the sense of playfulness.

Key points of black coat + white wide legged Pants: classic black coat + Black Wide legged pants are naturally capable and mysterious…

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