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Practice magic city Yoga event | practice yoga at 239 meters high!

Guiding unit: Shanghai Municipal Bureau of sports Sponsor of Shanghai Sports Federation: Shanghai Social Sports Management Center Shanghai sports competition management center: the organizer: Gymmart, VITA yoga, yoga, yoga, Skylee2021, Shanghai amateur tournament officially opened, and the market is moved to Shanghai center.

The tallest building in China is Shanghai Center Tower, which is 632 meters high, and is the city skyline of Shanghai.

This skyscraper looks down on the city.

The prosperity of the city is witnessing the development of the city.

“What is the experience of practicing yoga at the top of Shanghai?” Yoga, yoga, transliteration from Sanskrit “YOG”.

Literally speaking, it represents the reins of the carriage, which is extended to “connection and balance”.

What do we need to connect and balance when we practice yoga? When you stand at an altitude of 239 meters, in the center of the ten mile foreign market, you can overlook the buildings in the magic capital.

The noise is at your feet and the prosperity is in your eyes.

Under temptation, can you balance your mind and stick to your inner pursuit? Explore the value of sports and life, perceive the connection and balance between “body, heart and spirit”, practice internally, share heart sounds, start from the most flashy place, live up to youth and win the crown.

Shanghai Fitness Yoga open – Final > > November 2021 27 the 52 floor of the Shanghai center, the moment of award and medal flash, and so on, when you pick up the online awards for the final awards, the >>2021.11.

is now open.


20 < < whether you are from government and enterprise units, colleges and universities, whether you are a professional God, an amateur or a newcomer to yoga, you can feel and gain something in this event, scan the QR code below, sign up and upload the competition video for free, You can get a $2000 sports bag (entrance entry, with specific entry notes) after the final qualifying promotion.

You can find the menu bar “my application information” in the WeChat Gymmart official account, if you want to change the information.

And click to directly jump to the registration page.

Glory yoga masters review Shanghai Fitness Yoga open – Final > > November 2021 27 the 52 floor of the Shanghai center, the senior yoga master sits on the jury’s bench to witness your bright moment, Yan Zhong, founder of Shanghai loyalty Yoga Institute, bishop traditional Hatha, breathing control and cleaning methods, astonga, flow yoga, sports anatomy and rehabilitation, and posture enhancement class.

He is good at the decomposition exercise method of asanas, and can safely reach the practice of high-level asanas from shallow to deep.

Yuki Yibao, co-founder of “loyal Yoga Institute” in Shanghai, has specialized in handstand for 14 years, and is good at all kinds of handstands, one handed handstands and back bends.

National Yoga League ryt500 certified teacher, global ranking certified teacher, international rehabilitation physiotherapist certified teacher.

Li Bing follows Mohan, Yu Jia, Huang Kailiang and other masters to systematically learn hada, yin and energy flow yoga.

He also follows Tao Peiqi, the highest level aiyange certified teacher in China, to systematically learn accurate alignment and posture correction, with a learning process of more than 15000 hours.

17 years of teaching experience.

Li Xiaoqin, founder of skyleeskyleeskyleyoga, senior senior yoga tutor, senior air Yoga tutor, ah Tang assistant guest at 2019 Shanghai FL Yoga activity exchange conference, and Malaysia follows ah Tang’s current leader to study Ashtanga in 2019.

Sun Yu fish has studied with several international masters, such as Andrey lappa, will Lau, cyarhinechee, Xu Peng, Lance Schuler, etc., and has been highly affirmed and praised by his tutors.

Huanyu 500 hour certified tutor, Changshu Yan Yoga 100 hour basic teaching and training tutor.

Yoga sharing session > > November 2021 27, the 52 floor of Shanghai center, the senior yoga master group, will all day long immerse you in the professional course surprise course and share the following sessions.

Do you expect it? Special thanks for medical security > > Jinghe medical < < Jinghe medical will provide safe medical service support on the site on the day of the final.

Thank Jinghe medical team for escorting everyone’s health.

Full marks for welfare > > thank the sponsors! There should be applause here<< Players who have successfully passed the online qualifier to the finals can receive a rich event package worth 2000 yuan for free on November 27.

A gift list is constantly loading! Coming soon! wipe up.

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