Skin friendly and comfortable Yoga Pants easily wear elegant and advanced feeling, setting off slender beautiful legs, elegant and confident

Skin friendly and comfortable Yoga Pants easily wear elegant and advanced feeling, setting off slender beautiful legs, elegant and confident.

The matching of yoga pants, you may ask, if you wear a yoga pants all day, will it look sloppy and boring.

In this way, it’s a little serious.

In fact, if you look carefully, you will find that of course we should match our clothes with our own skin color, so as to make our whole look more interesting.

In fact, when it comes to collocation, we should first briefly talk about the types of yoga pants and the collocation characteristics of each type.

The first is A-line skirt, also known as micro pants.

This kind of clothes do not have high requirements for leg lines, because its upper and lower hem are relatively wide, which is looser than many pants, but it is visually thin.

The second kind is pleated skirt.

A-line skirt with some loose designs will tend to hip-hop style as a whole.

It is a piece often matched by many Japanese, Korean, European and American stars.

And this kind of skirt is more slim than A-line skirt, because the fabric itself is very loose and elastic.

However, if your figure is long and straight, you will wear a European and American flavor.

Girls with thinner body are advised not to choose this kind of skirt.

The third is straight skirt, also known as skirt.

Its slim version, split hem design, and legs will be exposed, so it will not be so monotonous.

And this kind of yoga pants is easy to show that if the legs are short, they can also be matched with high heels to lengthen the proportion.

The fourth is a skirt, also known as micro horn.

Wearing pants directly will be very mediocre, because many people will be fat in this dress, but if they wear high heels, they will look more feminine as a whole.

If you want to show that your legs are thinner, you can choose the skirt with the waist closed, or you can make the knitted skirt with narrow lines and match it with a loose coat to show a thinner effect.

The fifth is to add shorts in yoga pants, which is very suitable for office workers.

Pants must choose shorts that can modify the leg shape.

We usually don’t wear yoga pants when shopping, because we often wear skirts as slippers.

In fact, we often see shorts, and its biggest feature is that it is visually thin, which modifies the problem of thick legs.

To sum up, in fact, generally small girls don’t need to match too much, because small girls usually pay more attention to wearing and matching.

Only when skirts are covered with pants and pants are covered with skirts, can they appear less monotonous…

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