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Skin friendly and comfortable Yoga Pants show more unique personality, fashionable, versatile and durable, vitality and age reduction

Skin friendly and comfortable Yoga Pants show more unique personality, fashionable, versatile and durable, vitality and age reduction.

There are many ways to match yoga pants.

We can match them from the perspective of covering meat and showing thin.

In addition, color matching, stripe matching and handbag selection can directly affect the matching direction.

There are many elements such as belt, hair band, earrings, finger rings and so on, which can directly affect the matching.

In addition, we mainly analyze the collocation method from the perspective of style.

We need to distinguish between two styles: classic and fashion.

The collocation of classic style will be rigorous.

The method is to match the colors with neutral colors and use warm colors such as earth color and wood color.

Of course, when choosing bright colors such as white, blue and pink, it will also appear lively.

The color matching and contrast below are similar in style, but not so rigorous, more cordial and lively.

Basic contrast color matching skills are also very common matching methods.

Commonly used are: same hue suit (stripes and colors are obviously different, such as blue + Black); The method of color matching in the same color system; Matching of similar color systems.

This kind of skill is applicable to the relatively clear style.

The collocation is simple and comfortable, the color will not be too complex, and the affinity is relatively strong.

The matching technique of classic shirt + skirt + boots tends to be neutral, and it is recommended not to exceed three colors.

Itself is a neutral color, do not add too much decoration, and do not choose too fancy style.

For example, a knitted shirt with a regular shirt looks neutral and gentle; It’s another style to match a colorful shirt with the collar.

There is no similar color in the basic contrast color matching.

The matching is very simple.

Just follow the matching logic of main color, auxiliary color and dark color.

Following the basic law of color matching is the most error free.

In the following example, the color of the style itself is relatively bright, but the color basically belongs to the gray system.

In conclusion, the basic color matching skills of classic and fashion styles are the same, and you can make a slight choice in the basic color; In addition, the use of auxiliary color can also be used as a good balance color.

If you want to distinguish the two styles more conveniently, you need to distinguish more colors.

If the basic colors are matched very well, it will give people a sense of dignity and generosity, but in the color matching, it is necessary to grasp the color attribute.

You can match the same color system, high saturation color or dark color system! Now let’s talk about the skills of matching different styles ~ basic contrast color matching basic contrast color refers to a group of colors with obvious distinction between cold color and warm color in two colors, which makes people have a strong sense of visual stimulation.

Such as purple and orange, red and orange and so on.

Classic shirt + skirt + boots: Advanced grey + basic color (black and white grey) neutral color matching: similar color red and black (basic color) blue and gold matching: gold color matching.

Now most of the styles of yoga pants on the market are mainly colorful printing patterns of various lattices, lace and Chinese elements,..

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