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—— ignore the following and fill in the content —– “Liu Xing replied with a smile.

April 23rd, early morning.

Liu Changsheng is the person under director Zhang, so sometimes he still has to express his position.

” Melon seeds poked their small heads out of the door, There was joy on his little face: “Brother, mom is frying eel meat, and it’s just right.

You’ll be wearing small shoes when you go.

It’s reasonable to be famous in the surrounding shiliba village for a year, but now it’s a little strange that it’s unknown.

Seeing that the pig grass under the eaves of the kitchen hasn’t been chopped, he rolled up his sleeves and walked over.

After all, up to now, he only knows Liu Xing’s family A star.

Zhou Qiuxiang knew that Liu Xing’s words meant to make money by making shoes from old tires.

After frowning and shaking her head, she went to help her.

According to the truth, it is only those who are famous in the surrounding ten mile eight village for a year, but now they are unknown.

It’s really strange.

The reason why there is such leisure today is that the maintenance of wine filling equipment has reached a critical period.

Hengshui distillery, gate.

The reason why she frowned was that she didn’t believe that shoes made of old tires could make money.

“I will make money with both hands in the future, not with the things in the river.

He is indispensable for building water canals and producing free labor every time.”..

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