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The 66 year old yoga “girl” seems to have played a joke on her!

“There are many kinds of beauty, regardless of age,” Rossi said (Rossi) is a French supermodel.

She is 66 years old.

She is the same age as the goddess Zhao Yazhi.

She has two grandsons.

However, she has never stopped loving life and adhering to her dreams.

Before the age of 30, she worked hard to support her two children to grow up.

She is an ordinary and ordinary housewife.

At the age of 30, she made a bold decision: she insisted on returning to her beautiful dream that has never been erased Industry, being a fashion model at the age of 66, her figure is like this: she is slim and tight on the mirror, exudes sexy and charming charm, speaks for swimsuits at the age of 60, boldly shows her beautiful figure, which is better than some friends in their 20s.

This ageless beauty really shocked the fashion circle! There is no beauty out of thin air, Only persistent efforts.

In fact, Rosie, who had just given birth to a child in her 20s and whose weight once soared to 140 kg, didn’t want to continue to indulge like this.

She began to plan diet and exercise a lot.

After yoga and aerobic exercise were carried out alternately, she successfully lost weight.

She developed the good habit of practicing yoga every day, and her figure has been maintained until now.

She is not only slim, but also has a lot of tight skin Everyone wants to know Rosie’s maintenance secret.

In fact, there is no special secret, just stick to these two things, Such a healthy diet and exercise every day, the diet is mainly vegetarian, rarely eat sugary food, and insist on doing yoga for 30 to 90 minutes every day.

Since he was in his 20s, he has been insisting until now.

The focus is: he has never stopped practicing tight arm lines, perfect back and hips, and enjoyed the current pleasant physical and mental healing brought by yoga, Also stopped the time, frozen the body’s age, the years took away Rossi’s youth, but could not take away her beauty.

Stick to your efforts and maintain excellent habits.

When you are in full bloom, the breeze will naturally come! It’s never too late to start yoga.

The important thing is that you should stick to it.

If you are in full bloom, if the butterflies come, if you are wonderful, the beauty of the day has nothing to do with age ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼ recommend good lessons and good things in the near future.

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