The artistic and fresh yoga pants are low-key and noble, exuding elegant temperament, exquisite and vivid

The artistic and fresh yoga pants are low-key, noble, elegant and vivid.

The collocation of yoga pants is quite a test of the sense of skirt lines, otherwise it will be very rustic.

Here are several basic wearing styles suitable for our skirt collocation.

I hope to be inspired: the collocation of yoga pants is not limited to black, white and gray tops.

If you want to reflect women’s caution, you might as well use some small colors to activate the atmosphere, or use different colors to match.

For example: a pink, a dark green and a coffee can well reflect your personal temperament and tone.

The collocation of pink + Red + yellow is still very simple.

Adding red to the three colors will have a more bright feeling of caution machine.

Then collocation with pink yoga pants will make you feel lovely, playful and full of girlish feeling.

Moreover, red and yellow are close to yellow, and some yellow ornaments can be added up and down, which can make the overall visual appearance of pink Yoga Pants more full.

It can even be equipped with a bag and shoes of the same color system, which has the flavor of girls and romance.

Light pink + Yellow + green is the most common collocation.

Light pink and green are not difficult to match, because the colors of blue and green are relatively close.

We can match yellow yoga pants without depression.

Casual and playful girl breath ~ as a versatile color, there is basically no problem.

It is suitable for all occasions and different colors.

Jeans + yoga pants + bags will be more interesting on the basis of comfort and versatility, plus some careful machines.

We all know that jeans have a natural and unrestrained feeling brought by lapels.

Coupled with the careful machine of a small briefcase, the overall matching is a little avant-garde.

In this way, it can increase personality on the basis of fashion.

As long as they are not too old-fashioned and exposed, they can be easily controlled.

They are also very youthful when matched with a pair of canvas shoes or Doudou shoes, It is suitable for girls who pursue fashion and youth ~ since you must choose dark yoga pants with knitwear, you must choose a sweater with temperament, such as black, lattice, khaki or camel, because the dark sweater itself will make the whole person look taller.

Or dark blue, which gives people a quiet and generous feeling.

If you match it with a bright knitted cardigan, you will have a strong sense of fashion.

However, you should pay attention to the sports style of jeans without holes.

It will be more refreshing if you match it with our yarn skirt ~ why do striped shirts and tea tables say knitwear rather than shirts? Because the shirt will make the whole person look more formal and serious.

And the shirt is too fat to wear in a knitted cardigan, so the whole person will look very spacious.

So I had to give up.

Then all we have left is knitting.

Knitted cardigans give people an elegant lady atmosphere.

With a complete set of yoga pants, they set off their soft temperament.

With full sense of line and a little sense of design, it looks super delicious.

If the temperament is in place, at least don’t worry about it.

It is also possible to choose woven bags, especially the middle inner layer, which can not only liberate your hands and let you use more posture of raising your head and raising your chest, but also have more temperament and be a little careful…

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