The beauty of willow waist and flowery yoga pants should pursue unique, exquisite and elegant style

For the beauty of willow waist and flowery yoga pants, the matching style should pursue uniqueness, delicacy and elegance.

The collocation of yoga pants has always been the most eye-catching item in summer, which is fashionable and can improve the overall texture! It’s really super thin and fashionable when you wear it right! Get up ~ I.

the broken flower style of broken flower yoga pants is also a classic element.

The broken flower skirt can highlight the sense of youth and vitality! Silk is elegant and suitable for slim girls.

A white shirt is built inside, which makes it more casual.

How to match the full sense of youth broken flower yoga pants is invincible! Or fold the suspender skirt into a vest is a good choice! If you wear a slim short T in a vest, your upper body is very thin.

The choice of silk scarves can be necklaces and braids.

It’s also a cowboy vest.

It’s so thin with a white suspender skirt that people are embarrassed to take selfie.

The foot is also a single product that can add points.

With a pair of canvas shoes, it has a sense of leisure and refreshing.

The timeless apricot short windbreaker with the same color broken flower yoga pants can ensure that the overall wear will not look dark, or can brighten the overall temperament.

Try to avoid colors with high saturation, because young skin will appear dark.

The floral skirt looks good.

It not only looks full of young girls, but also highlights the advantages of the waist line and makes the legs look longer.

Second, the long black coat skirt and the super high waist black coat are all-purpose and versatile! It shows the thin concave height ratio, and all kinds of big and long legs can be shown through matching.

The short one looks longer than the long one, but the length of the upper body should not be too long.

Wearing a belt makes it thinner.

Too long black coat is easy to be pressed into short and fat type, and will also appear tall and temperament.

The black coat is very elegant with straight pants and wide leg pants.

If it is matched with a small leather skirt, it is very high, but if it is a waist style, it should be carefully considered.

If it is matched with a close fitting sweater or skirt, it will be cleaner.

The short coat is more daily.

Different from the warmth of the coat, the long style looks more lazy.

Matching with sweaters and jeans is super fashionable.

It is thin and durable, and the effect of age reduction is also excellent.

Leather clothes can also be matched with yoga pants.

It is also popular this year.

You can wear them with shirts or sweaters inside! Simple without losing the sense of atmosphere.

There is no problem with canvas shoes and sports shoes! As long as the matching is good, the temperament simply overflows the screen.

In fact, leather clothes and yoga pants are also our safe matching rules, which will give people a cool sense of attack.

This kind of matching without restraint is also very suitable for the graduation season! 3、 Hip Wrap yoga pants if you are a girl with a slender waist, it is recommended to match with Hip Wrap yoga pants! The hip wrap skirt looks like the waist is in the middle of the body, showing height and thin! However, it is recommended that girls wear long Hip Wrap skirts inside their coats, and short skirts with coats look thin.

Oh ~ Hip Wrap skirts made of velvet fabric will look very advanced.

Even with black short boots, they look tall and thin.

Oh ~ it is recommended to choose a thinner sweater as the upper body, or use the collocation of T-shirts and knitwear to be very fashionable, not afraid of bulkiness and keep warm…

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