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The combination of yoga and meridians, try it quickly!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Does yoga have anything to do with meridians? Yoga and meridians are related and closely related.

We all know that yoga practice can improve people’s physical, psychological and spiritual problems.

What are the meridians? It is the channel for the movement of Qi and blood in the body and the line through various organs of the body.

When you close your eyes and start meditating, yoga and meridians are combined.


Key points of standing back bending posture: stand on the rocks by the sea, straighten your body, feel the sea breeze, keep your energy, enter the posture, lift your arms vertically, open your legs the same width as your shoulders, inhale, slowly bend back and down, push your waist forward, keep your arms and head in a uniform horizontal line, and bend down to be parallel to the ground.


Key points of leg pressing + backward bending posture: stand upright, take a big step forward with your left leg, bend your knees down, point your knees and toes directly in front, straighten your right leg behind, and stick your instep and lower leg to the ground.

After taking a breath of fresh air, lift your arms up and drive your upper body to slowly bend back and down together, slowly squeeze your spine, tighten the lines of your abdomen, eyes, Just watch the clear blue sky.


Key points of the variant of downward dog pose: stand up and enter, then fold the body from the hip, even the arms, and extend forward and downward together with the upper body.

Put the palm on the opposite step, extend the back as hard as possible, straighten the legs behind, tilt the hips upward, and finally raise the right leg upward until it forms a straight line with the left leg.


Key points of camel variant posture: kneel on the ground, open the knee at the same width as the shoulder, keep the lower leg and instep close to the ground, inhale, bend the upper body backward, and then stretch out both arms.

Pay attention to straightening the arms, put the palms on the upper part of their knees, and keep the head as close to the soles of the feet as possible.


The side lunge extension starts from standing, the left leg takes a big step forward, the right leg remains motionless, the left leg bends 90 degrees and stands on tiptoe, then lift the left arm up, tilt to the right together with the upper body, and the right arm straightens and naturally rests on the right leg.


Key points of King dance pose: stand on the water, calm down, slowly lift the right leg back and up, extend the upper body forward and down at the same time, spread the chest forward, lift the head up, bend the right leg, lower leg close to the head, form a ring on the head with both arms, and place the tip of the right foot in the right elbow.


Key points of the variant of the flat type: enter the flat type, straighten the arm, press the palm on the ground, straighten and close the legs, and then slowly raise the left leg upward until it forms a straight line with the right leg.

Finally, straighten the left arm upward, and grasp the left heel with the palm.

When you relax your body with yoga, the meridians in your body wake up.

Do you feel the process of blood flowing from your heart to your brain and from the soles of your feet to your heart? Do you feel the detour of Qi and blood in your body? Do you feel that the whole person is getting better step by step? This is the result of the interaction between yoga and meridians.

After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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