The demonstration of wearing yoga pants can make the clothes deduce a sense of fashion, full of charm and simple fashion

The demonstration of wearing yoga pants can make the clothes deduce a sense of fashion, full of charm and simple fashion.

Matching skills of Yoga Pants – high waist style for small girls with insufficient body proportion, try to wear high waist style at the waist of yoga pants, otherwise the fat meat on their body may be outlined.

This kind of high waist style is more generous and decent to wear, and it will be higher.

As long as you have a five or five figure, you don’t need to pursue high waist style, but to be high, you must choose high waist style.

At the same time, it should also be noted that girls with wide crotch should not wear high waist.

High waist itself modifies the width of crotch.

Otherwise, how can there be a thin effect? When matching, be sure to pay attention to the stretching of knees and waist.

As a better matching coat, even for a very simple suit, it is not impossible to choose a shorter T-shirt.

Because the short suit exposes the waist and leg lines, which is more intuitive, thinner and taller.

Of course, pay attention to the color of T-shirts and avoid matching bright clothes, otherwise it will have the opposite effect and appear that you have no temperament.

Loose style is the most worry-free.

Loose style mainly plays the role of modifying the body.

The lower body is loose and the upper body is thin.

Of course, wearing loose clothes is a problem, because loose clothes are easy to appear sloppy.

It is recommended to buy simple and fit clothes.

Trousers can also be loose, otherwise it’s a casual match.

Black is always a versatile color, of course, whether it’s high-profile accessories, nude or green.

Moreover, this year’s a-word pants give full play to the style of a-word, mainly showing a lot of lines at the waist, so they are thin and high.

You can also try gray.

Gray belongs to a relatively calm color, which is very easy to control.

Silk stockings can also be matched.

The skin color is relatively light.

It will look better to wear silk stockings or black.

There is no big problem to wear gray.

Red silk stockings can play a very strong contrast effect, so it can be matched for girls with dark skin color.

There is a problem with straight style.

You must choose the version suitable for you according to your waist circumference.

Otherwise, even a thin waist will not appear thin.

Don’t blindly follow suit.

What you like is the most important.

Choose the best and throw away the most inappropriate.

If the waist is thinner, it will be thinner, but the waist can be lengthened.

The wider the waist is, the greater the contrast difference will be.

The length of the waist is more important.

Of course, it’s best to keep a small object that can show the waist on people, so that they will be taller and thinner.

Yoga pants with high chest height are very important for girls who have meat on their stomach or have thin upper body and fat lower body.

When wearing a sweater, the chest height is a better choice, and the whole upper body will feel more playful.

Collocation will also be more aura.

Show thin waist.

Moreover, the knitting trousers with various styles and colors are matched together as a whole, forming a simple and dynamic matching.

If multi-layer knitted pants are matched with high heels, they will be very thin and tall, but if there are too many overall colors, they will be heavier.

Pay attention to the harmony of matching.

The waist is better.

If the color is single and the cutting is more single, as shown in the figure below, the waist line can be improved with the design of heightening the waist.

It will look tall and straight.

Middle waist style this style will be more thin and waist, which is suitable for tall girls.

High waist styles are mostly selected on pants…

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