The exotic and exquisite yoga pants are very matched with the temperament, showing the mature charm of women, pure and flawless

The exotic and exquisite yoga pants are very matched with the temperament, showing the mature charm of women, pure and flawless.

The matching of yoga pants has always been the most difficult problem.

Let me summarize the color selection and matching experience of yoga pants.


Everyone knows the color of yoga pants.

Yellow is thin, dark brown is thin and white is thin.

But have you ever thought that light blue is also OK? Because it not only doesn’t have any dark oppression, but also has the effect of reducing age, it’s best to wear this thin and good-looking yoga pants in winter.

So the problem is, how to match the low-key and textured blue to show high, thin and fashionable? First of all, blue is generally divided into light blue, positive blue and dark blue.

Different blue will have different effects on different occasions.

For example, in autumn and winter, it is OK to match sweaters, knitted clothes, bottomed sweaters or sweaters.

The role of coat is to keep warm and keep out of the wind, while the role of pants is to improve temperament.

It is very suitable for short girls.


The matching of yoga pants.

After the color of yoga pants, let’s talk about the matching of yoga pants? 1) The jacket with yoga pants not only has a full sense of fashion, but also can increase the passing rate, but also plays a role in increasing the weight.

For example, wearing a white coat with a blue skirt not only makes people feel tall and fashionable, but also full of temperament.

2) Small black skirt small black skirt is more casual and comfortable than small white skirt, so it is very versatile to wear casual sweaters, skirts and sweaters.

When matching, you don’t need to emphasize the waist line too much.

The general version and cutting will be relatively large, so you should mainly expose the position of the waist line as much as possible, as shown in the figure below, so the waist is very obvious.

It’s OK to match such flat shoes, high heels and wide leg pants here.

In fact, it is not recommended to choose warm colors with colors.

For example, when matching the Yellow system, you can choose dark blue, gray blue and black.

When these three colors are matched together, you will feel more advanced.

3) Broken flower Yoga Pants broken flower yoga pants are very popular in recent years.

Especially in spring and summer, broken flower skirt is a tender boyfriend and full of strength girlfriend.

But it must be noted that the color of broken flower yoga pants should avoid being too dark, because generally dark is easy to give people a dull feeling.

Therefore, in terms of skirt color and pattern, it is recommended to choose less deep white as far as possible.

4) Printed Yoga Pants broken flower yoga pants, whether in yoga pants or skirts, create a new feeling of fashion with beautiful and gentle flower patterns.

However, different from broken flowers, printing is more unconscious to show the feminine side of girls.

If you pay attention to the matching of broken flowers, you can tie up or tie up the flower pattern of yoga pants, and the hem should not be so short.

5) If you don’t pay attention to the waist line, you might as well tie up the straight skirt.

If you think straight skirt is boring, you can choose yoga pants with umbrella skirt and middle waist.

We all know that yoga pants should not expose the thinnest place, so don’t expose too much meat in the legs.

In addition, with white bottomed yoga pants, it looks very eye-catching…

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