The exotic and exquisite yoga pants are very suitable for the temperament. The temperament is beautiful and fresh, and the literature and

The exotic and exquisite yoga pants match the temperament very well.

The temperament is beautiful and fresh, and the literature and art is retro.

The matching skills of yoga pants must be familiar to everyone.

If you wear yoga pants in summer, you can choose some basic styles.

The advantage of the basic style is easy to match.

The material difference of many yoga pants with different versions and materials is very important.

This tweet introduces how to match yoga pants so that they won’t be vulgar.

Let’s have a look.

First, the three principles of Yoga Pants: versatile means that there is no limit to the style of yoga pants.

Some yoga pants are the best match for people of different ages and professional styles; Avoid too fancy design; Avoid exaggerated designs.

Basic Yoga Pants: the texture of versatile yoga pants is mostly light and breathable lace, chiffon, velvet and other fabrics.

In addition, the color matching in monochrome can not highlight the characteristics.

Color contrast combination can be used, and the effect is also good.

Yoga pants are too loose.

We should pay attention to it in fashion design.

Narrow sleeves and looseness will make the whole woman feel very weak.

A good design is to turn into long sleeves, long skirts and a large area of exposed skin, so as to have a fashionable, elegant and atmospheric temperament.

Knitwear and sweater are good items for matching yoga pants, but knitwear and sweater are very characteristic basic yoga pants.

They can not only match with long skirts, short skirts, silk scarves, handbags and other accessories, but also match with a shirt.

2、 Three wearing skills of Yoga Pants: how to match so many yoga pants to be both fashionable and comfortable? Women of different ages have different requirements for the matching of yoga pants.

Young fashion: mainly reflected in the design of large off shoulder, large fork and small V-neck.

Women with a more mature sense can choose elegant Pajama style yoga pants.

Of course, there are immature women in some deep flat breasted girls.

They can choose loose yoga pants and knee length yoga pants.

Leisure style item: try to avoid wearing out of College style, fashion trend and flu.

Try to choose a casual style of yoga pants.

Gentle style: you can choose some yoga pants with big forks and fluffy design or exaggerated style, which can better reflect the gentle female style with high heels.

The collocation of yoga pants and high heels is a popular way to wear now, which increases the number of people who wear them…

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