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The old driver of Yoga tells you that you can’t practice like this. The consequences are very serious!

I often hear a lot of complaints: why is the effect of my yoga not as good as others? How can I get hurt so easily in yoga? I’ve spent so much time on yoga.

Why can’t I lose fat? Why can’t I persist in yoga? Am I too lazy In fact, most of these problems are caused by our bad habits in yoga.

Today, let’s take a look at the 10 most common questions among Yoga people.

If you have something to change, you will be encouraged if you don’t.


Eager for quick success and crazy practice yoga to lose weight, many people choose to practice yoga.

The first consideration is that practicing yoga can lose weight.

They are eager for quick success and instant benefits.

They want to practice more and cheaper.

They also hope to see the practice results immediately, but they don’t know that this is dangerous.

When they are not strong at the beginning of practice, they will accumulate fatigue every day, It is easy to cause sports injury.

These people only see the side of yoga, but ignore the essence of Yoga – a peaceful state of mind.

Yoga practitioners should comprehensively improve themselves from three aspects: body, mind and spirit.

If you really devote yourself to yoga, you will experience the surprise of deep changes in your body.

Moving away from simple body training will not only help reduce sports injuries, but also make real changes in your life.


Back bending is a very dangerous action.

In the long run, the soft tissue between the spine will be damaged, and the spine will only develop in one direction, and the other directions will be limited.

There are many sections in the spine.

Before learning to control the body, you often practice how to reach the section that is easiest to bend.

You still haven’t practiced other sections of the spine.

You can imagine the fate of that poor section of the spine.


Abdominal relaxation in the process of practicing yoga, correct breathing not only needs to inhale air into the chest area, but also feel the expansion and adduction of ribs.

In each breath, you can use your abdominal muscles to press your navel against your spine.

As you inhale, fill your chest with air and keep your abs flat.

Using abdominal muscles in breathing can not only help you breathe correctly, but also protect your waist from pain or injury.


Unnecessary tension, tight toes, shrugged shoulders and white joints, we can’t see any meaning of relaxation, can we? For some strong postures, you need to practice to start your whole body strength and concentrate, and adhere to the time of five breaths, but please remember to avoid unnecessary tension during this period.

To consciously relax your muscles, you don’t need to be too nervous.

Believe in yourself, you can do it! 5.

Reckless muscle stretching yoga requires us to pay attention to breathing and experience inner happiness.

But if your character contains some competitive potential, you may have an uncontrollable desire to surpass others and try to keep consistent with their practice posture.

This is likely to strain your muscles.

When practicing, just keep it within your maximum bearing range.

You can imitate other people’s postures, but don’t hurt your muscles.


If you want to do a good job of asana, you also want to do a lot of asana with less effort.

It’s hard to practice.

Your hands and feet tremble and your body doesn’t listen to orders.

Yoga lovers worry about their ugly posture and hope to save some energy to go home for rest.

As a result, your body naturally moves in the direction of saving effort during practice.

It looks like it has reached the standard, In fact, many places are not solid in order to save labor.

Over time, the joints of the body will bear a lot of unnecessary pressure.

It is not only difficult to enjoy the effects of yoga, but also has many problems.

Since yoga is for your health, you should practice hard and happily.

Sweat is also one of the feelings of achievement.

You should not think about how to save effort.

Instead, you should think about how to be more tired while doing actions, so as to find out where your body is weak and strengthen exercise.


Too much emphasis on stretching is a good physical activity.

Moderate stretching can not only keep the body tissues young and energetic, but also promote the circulation of Qi and blood.

However, many people think that yoga is an intense stretching exercise, which is of course wrong.

Yoga does contain a lot of stretching movements, but it is only one of many elements.

Instead, they mistakenly think that yoga is a stretching person.

When practicing, they stretch their body excessively and marathon their body ligaments without knowing it.

On the contrary, they are prone to pain here and there all day, and they don’t know the reason.

So don’t practice in one direction.

Find a good teacher to practice step by step and let the body develop in balance.


When practicing yoga, there is too much sweat.

The ancients sent an important warning to yoga, that is, never blow the wind before and after exercise.

When the sweat is blown to the wind when the pores open, it will be easy to be invaded by wind and cold.

If it is a healthy body, the pores will be closed immediately to protect the body, and the sweat under the skin will disperse to other pipes if it is not discharged, This sweat is the sewage of the body, not purified water.

If the sewage penetrates into the cells and is not discharged from the body, it will become the root cause of latent diseases.


Before yoga, you must have an empty stomach and eat immediately after practice.

It is correct to have an empty stomach before Yoga – if you are a vegetarian, you’d better practice after 2.5 to 3 hours; If you eat meat, you’d better practice after 3 and a half hours to 4 hours.

However, eating a little fruit or drinking a glass of milk is OK, especially for practitioners with low blood sugar, they need to add a little sugar before practice.

It’s wrong to eat immediately after practice.

It’s best to wait 30 minutes before eating.


The core of yoga is to exercise postures.

Yoga postures are only a small part of yoga, and yoga meditation and breathing are the most important.

And Yoga should last for a long time.

The good effect is not produced in one hour, but continues to the other 23 hours.

Therefore, the far-reaching impact of yoga is to help people develop healthy and good living habits..

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