The plump Yoga Pants beauty with “meat” shows her personality in terms of collocation. I really admire her!

The plump Yoga Pants beauty with “meat” shows her personality in collocation.

I really admire her.

The matching of yoga pants is very good, because in the open social economy, nine out of ten people may buy several pairs of yoga pants.

Under such conditions, people who don’t buy Yoga Pants are excluded.

Yoga pants are actually used as an inner layer to make the inner layer feel more layered, and when it is matched as yoga pants, it will also have a certain thickness, which can cover up the defects of leg shape.

Its yoga pants are often used, such as printed, striped or color block stitched yoga pants.

The following yoga pants match makes the originally dull Yoga Pants more fashionable.

The medium and long yoga pants have a vertical effect.

For example, the long yoga pants have a small defect that the lower garment covers the legs, and the upper garment covers the lower garment.

The high waist design can make the body look more slender and make the curve look better.

This kind of yoga pants can be matched with a dark coat, so as to avoid the heaviness of the same color and make the legs longer.

In addition to the dark Department, the high waist design is also very suitable for yoga pants.

This color is white, and the clothes with bright colors look more fresh and energetic.

Good looking yoga pants should not only have good-looking styles, but also match well.

A simple black match like this is a good choice.

When matched with jeans, this simple match has a full sense of leisure.

If you match it with a slightly textured yoga pants, you will improve a lot of texture and look more textured.

If you want to be a little sweeter, the sweet color with a gray coat can improve your temperament.

It is also very good with floral pants.

It can not only cover up the small defects in leg shape, but also help to lengthen your height.

In addition to the texture of yoga pants, the color of yoga pants can not be poor.

For example, orange has always been a better color in matching, which not only improves the texture of clothes, but also makes the whole person very sunny with striped shirts.

Naturally, the matching of yoga pants is not just to choose a large area of color.

If yoga pants are complex, such as lines, lattices, etc., they are generally worn as an inner layer, and then wear a large area of skin clothes or fur, it will be very ugly.

Generally choose a pure bright color system like this, and then match it with a colorful coat to look better.

That’s all for today.

After reading this collocation article, I want to write about the collocation of pants in the next issue, but it’s estimated that even the Spring Festival will be given up at that time.

What kind of pants do you like? Welcome to tell me! ~ ~..

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