The yoga pants with extraordinary temperament show a beautiful curve, comfortable and generous, temperament and beautiful lower abdomen

The yoga pants with extraordinary temperament show a beautiful curve, comfortable and generous, beautiful belly.

The matching of yoga pants can be regarded as a casual and capricious way of clothing matching.

Unlike casual wear, which is plain and has no new ideas, it can be more natural, and the formal clothing matching rule is still the same.

1、 Striped top: striped yoga pants are one of the most versatile items.

Whether it’s bulky and not suitable to wear striped shirts with jeans, or thin girls can wear striped shirts with casual pants.

In this collocation, because it is slightly loose, the choice of pants and the design of shoulders are very important.

2、 Striped shirt: striped is an element that runs through yoga pants.

It not only makes people look more layered, but also won’t make people look more monotonous.

Among them, the wide stripe design of the waist is a common element of high waist, while the narrow stripe will be thinner and tighter.

Due to the “metallic luster” of stripes, the choice of striped shirts or shirts should choose the appropriate size according to their body shape.

3、 Basic color Yoga Pants: if it is the basic striped yoga pants, you can use the color difference between dark and light colors to match, such as dark striped shirts and light Leggings; Or a light striped shirt with dark baggy shorts.

4、 Letter printed Yoga Pants: small to wool collar, high collar and large to cuffs, the design with time printing can give people a bright feeling.

5、 Vertical lines: the vertical lines of striped yoga pants are rarely the same as those of striped shirts and dark yoga pants.

The lower body is darker.

When the vertical lines and other patterns are overlapped, the upper body will look thinner.

6、 Washed color matching: the stitching design of printed yoga pants and color matching is also a very eye-catching matching design, which is available in most stripe yoga pants.

7、 Stitched jeans: if the Striped pieces and jeans are two completely opposite design elements, try to avoid appearing in the middle of coats, tops and wide leg pants, but should appear in the middle of bottoms.

8、 The bottoms don’t match: we can choose more thin tops for the bottoms of striped yoga pants,..

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