The yoga pants with extraordinary temperament show a beautiful curve, versatile, durable and generous, fashionable and casual

The yoga pants with extraordinary temperament show a beautiful curve, versatile, durable and generous, fashionable and casual.

In fact, the matching of yoga pants is quite exquisite, which is like that we wear clothes to cover up our shortcomings.

If we are too grand, we may not be able to wear it, or even look like dirt.

Reasonable collocation may be to make yourself look fresh and commute, or add a little caution.

In order to improve ourselves as a whole and not be too dull when we go out, we can follow the following three points to match.

Harmonious color matching.

Most of the time, straight pants will look better with light colored tops.

If the pants are straight, they can be matched with large backless, suspender and suspender shorts, matched with medium color, and stuffed into high waist pants, which will be very refreshing and weaken the disharmony brought by pants.

The top with lantern sleeves and the tapered waist closing shirt will be more slim, and the small exposed chest will make women’s lines more perfect, which will make straight pants more sexy.

I think the pants suitable for straight pants are long, from knee to waist line.

If they are shorter, they will appear slim, and if they are loose, they will not lose the sense of street, just like this.

Denim trousers with slim design are also a good choice.

They are thin and lengthen their legs.

Tying a belt can modify the upper body line.

At the same time, adding a belt will look better than without a belt.

Whether it’s slim fitting or straight pants, you can choose a belt to tighten the upper body and lengthen the lower body.

Straight pants themselves will be more slender, so many tops are matched with straight pants.

It is not necessary to match with bright colors of tops and straight pants.

As long as you tighten your waist, you can modify the body proportion more.

Black, white and gray straight pants with cold color matching can be matched with some simple tops, which will make the whole look warmer.

If you like a more casual and sexy style, you can also change the fabric of your coat into a coat and match it with a pair of silk stockings to show your legs straight! Trousers with large color contrast are easy to choose.

If you like the feeling of higher color jump, you can choose colorful tops with darker pants, which can reflect a richer sense of color.

However, most straight pants are designed to be tight.

The length of pants is from knee to ankle.

In this way, the lower body with a long coat will give the overall sense of convergence, and the upper body with a short coat will add more weight.

I prefer to wear straight pants with some simple accessories.

If the subject doesn’t have a strong sense of fashion, I can replace the belt with a silk scarf or shawl to play a transitional role.

If the pants are darker, you can choose some thin leather clothes or Chiffon coats to increase the sense of generosity and fashion.

The hemming design of hemming with straight pants itself is very aging.

A silk stocking of different thickness is matched with a high waist pants, and the shoes can also be boots or knee boots.

The overall shape will be much more lively.

If the top of the subject needs to be matched with a decorative place on the legs, you can try this ankle exposed design.

One shows that the legs are long and the other shows that the legs are straight.

For example, there is a kind of boots with inner curl design, that is, the overall self-cultivation and a little curl will increase the sense of hierarchy…

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