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These yoga postures can help you slim your waist, close your abdomen and eliminate toxins

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The faster and faster pace of modern life, high work pressure, irregular diet and other reasons are all due to some problems in our intestines and stomach.

Flatulence and long-term constipation are the manifestations of the decline of gastrointestinal digestive function.

In fact, many yoga postures are carried out around the waist and abdomen, which can straighten out the intestines and stomach and squeeze the viscera.

If you persist for a long time, it can also help you slim your waist, close your abdomen and eliminate toxins.

In this small series, I recommend a simple yoga pose for babies to say goodbye to gastric distention.


Supine kneecap ・ supine, bend the knees, hold the knees with both hands close to the chest ・ hold for 1 minute 02.

Stand and bend forward ・ open your feet the same width as your hips, grab your ankles with both hands ・ put a pillow between your abdomen and thighs ・ hold for 1 minute 03.

Cat stretch ・ align your knees with your hips, align your hands with your shoulders ・ exhale, bow your head and back, extremely retract your abdomen ・ keep 10 breaths and repeat for 5 times 04 Split knee baby pose ・ big toe touch, knees apart ・ hands extended forward, forehead on the ground ・ hold for 1 minute 05.

Downward dog pose ・ feet as wide as hips, compacted ground ・ hands as wide as shoulders, compacted ground ・ abdomen retracted and lifted up, sitting bones extended backward ・ hold for 1 minute 06.

Double angle pose ・ feet open the length of one leg, hands grasp ankles ・ bend elbows, Fold down ・ hold for 1 minute 07.

Plough ・ supine, hold your back with both hands, bring your legs over your head ・ keep your abdomen retracted, extend your back ・ hold for 1 minute 08.

Supine twist ・ supine, bend your left knee, land to the right ・ press your shoulders on the ground, hold for 2 minutes, change sides 09.

Melt your heart ・ align your knees with your hips, and extend your hands forward ・ chest Keep your chin or forehead close to the ground ・ keep it for 5 minutes ・ finally, relax in the baby pose.

Have you found that most of the above postures are aimed at squeezing and massaging the abdomen, which can effectively improve intestinal health and remove intestinal turbidity.

Practice quickly and give yourself a flat belly.

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