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This is one of the best sports in winter. Do yoga together on Sunday~

Although, in the cold winter, maybe you don’t even think of bedding, let alone insist on practicing yoga.

However, I have to say that practicing yoga in winter really has too many benefits.

In winter, everything is dormant.

At this time, Yin Qi is extremely prosperous and Yang Qi is latent.

We should collect Yang and protect Yin.

We should abandon many leaked exercise methods and collect more inward.

Yoga is a very good exercise method.

The most obvious benefit is that it can accelerate blood circulation, improve the cold condition of hands and feet and increase the energy of the body.

If you stick to yoga, your cold resistance will be greatly enhanced.

Not only in winter, yoga brings changes to people.

Some studies have shown that after practicing for 4 weeks, you can notice the changes of your body; After 8 weeks of practice, friends can notice the changes in your body; Practice for 12 weeks, and the rest of you will notice your changes; If you stick to it for one year, your temperament and life will be very beautiful.

However, unexpectedly, data show that thousands of people around the world are injured by yoga every year.

There are about 5500 people in the United States alone every year, and the number in China is 1.7 times that in the United States.

Why? One is the result of teachers’ different understanding and practice of yoga.

Second, improper practice is divorced from the essence of yoga, which will inevitably lead to muscle stiffness, joint wear, spine bending and poor posture.

Yoga is different from other sports in that it can help us re understand our body and nourish our body and soul through observation, learning to feel and deep connection.

This is why we bring you the offline basic class of inner yoga, which starts at 2:00 p.m.

on Sunday.

Special tutor Xu Hengshan|   Meditator   He has practiced Qigong and Tai Chi since he was a child and practiced meditation and inner outlook for more than 20 years.

During his study in France in the late 1990s, he began to be keen on Zen and Chinese traditional culture.

After returning home to study traditional Chinese medicine, he visited Taoism and met many hermits.

He studied from Mr.

Nan Huaijin, elder mengshen, sojia Rinpoche and many other great virtues and good knowledge.

He was given the name “Hengshan” by the Southern Division and granted the right formulation.

He became a monk in Wutai Mountain for two years, and then established a retreat center in Luoyang in 2011.

Combining yoga, meditation and traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, the “inner yoga” system suitable for modern people has been established.

★   What is inner Yoga? Neiguan Yoga combines Chinese traditional health preservation, static practice and yoga.

It is a physical and mental integration training system with Neiguan meditation as the core and guided by the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

Integrating the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation and Buddhist classics, focusing on static exercises such as yoga and meditation, starting with body adjustment and taking heart adjustment as the foundation, so as to gradually integrate body and mind, and then develop potential and wisdom, so that we can better live in the present and enjoy the joy and freedom of life.

★   Introspection yoga is not only a asana, but also a way to communicate with the body.

There is no need to deliberately force yourself to complete the so-called “standard asana”.

Whether the body is naturally soft or stiff, you can practice according to your current state.

In practice, we can improve our concentration and awareness by observing breathing and meditation, so that our hearts that keep spreading outward can be taken back and watched inward.

★   Inner yoga is to explore the inner energy of body and mind.

Inner Yoga brings more inner energy growth.

With each breath and breath, focus again on ourselves and obtain joy and peace from ourselves.

  The course content mainly focuses on the 16 type basic practice of inner yoga, combined with physical and mental exercises such as breathing, chanting and meditation to “recharge” the body and mind: warm up, breathing practice, 16 type practice of inner yoga, great rest, communication, Q & A and sharing.

When we are in a noisy and consuming urban life, this inward awareness, energy purification and improvement is particularly important.

Coach Xu is the first beneficiary of inner yoga.

What we see in him is the vitality of continuous exploration, stable breath, clear and gentle eyes.

Together, he is a rich three-dimensional person, full of energy and vitality.

In the mouth of coach Xu’s students, you can feel the pleasure from your heart, and you can stick to it without perseverance ~ experience a sun worship bar with teacher Xu Hengshan.

Class place: Beijing Ditan jiahedeng Zen living space cost and registration 👇   Single experience: 300 yuan / time,.

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