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To do yoga wheel, stretching psoas is the key. 90% of people ignore it!

Learn more yoga! When it comes to yoga wheel, it is a hurdle that many yoga practitioners need to go through.

In the past, we talked about many key points to do a good job of wheel, such as the opening of shoulders, the strength of legs, how to rotate hips, etc.

Today we want to talk about one point: the stretching of psoas major muscle.

The psoas muscle connects the spine and thighs, so stretching the psoas muscle is also an indispensable part to do a good wheeled pose.

Yoga practice of stretching psoas ↓↓ 1 Step on the ground with your left foot in the crescent pose, align your knees, put your right knee and instep on the ground, sink your hips, retract your abdomen, extend your spine, extend your hands upward, keep breathing for 10 times, and change sides for 2 Lie in heroic sitting position, bend your knees back, lie back slowly with your hips between your feet, keep your back and back of your head close to the ground, and put your hands in front of your chest for 1 minute 3 Stand and bend back, open your feet the same width as your hips, turn your hips back with your hands clasped behind your fingers, lift your shoulders on your chest and rotate outward, touch your hands on the back of your thighs and keep breathing for 10 times.

4 Step on the ground with the lizard’s right foot, press the left knee and instep on the outside of the right hand, support the ground with the elbow, extend the spine, keep breathing for 10 times, and change sides for 5 The soldier’s second pose has his left foot facing forward, his right foot buckled in, bent his left knee 90 degrees, his abdomen retracted, his hips opened parallel to his shoulders, his hands opened, looked at the fingertips of his left hand, kept breathing for 10 times, and changed sides for 6 In the semi pigeon pose, the right leg is bent in front, the foot is hooked back, the left leg is extended backward, the abdomen is retracted, the hands are clasped with ten fingers, extended upward, maintain 10 breaths, and change sides 7 In the upper dog pose, support the ground with both hands, extend the spine upward, lift the thighs away from the ground, extend the chest upward and keep breathing for 10 times.

In fact, the wheel pose is not so much backward bending as the opening and extension of the body.

If you want to do a good wheel pose, you should start with the stretching of the body.

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