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Uncover the inside story of 52 year old Xu Qing’s vigorous yoga practice with hip curve? Exposure of two group photos with Yang Yang

Xu Qing Xiaobian’s words: on October 16, a group of photos of female star Xu Qing in a black sequined fishtail dress were exposed, which aroused heated discussion among netizens.

When Xu Qing, 52, and Yang Yang, 30, stood together to take a group photo, they were not like other generations, but like siblings and even lovers! Xu Qing said: “my life is doing division.

At the age of 40, I realized the courage to leave campus at the age of 20.

At the age of 50, I felt that I was a 25-year-old girl and my life was calm and determined.”.

Xu Qing, like dancer Yang Liping, has never had a child.

Many netizens attribute her good figure to unmarried infertility.

Do you agree? Xu Qing, who looks weak in public, has been practicing yoga for three consecutive months in order to exercise a beautiful hip curve.

What’s the inside story? Xiaobian will analyze it immediately! Xu Qing and Yang Yang took a group photo with Xu Qing and Yang Yang six years ago.

What a warm picture? This is not the first time for Xu Qing and yang yang to take a group photo.

Looking back on flowers and youth 2 in 2015, Yang Yang grew from a teenager to a man, and Xu Qing had to sigh that the beauty of years is true.

Xu Qing’s body is well maintained, the whole person is in a particularly good state, the neckline is wide open, the skin is smooth and delicate, and shines brightly under the stage light, Like fine silk.

The neck is matched with grandmother’s Emerald Pendant Necklace, clear collarbone, slender neck and shallow smile.

It seems that it is generous, elegant and confident to lower its head and fiddle with the skirt.

Although wearing black, it does not show coldness and pride, but has a mature feminine flavor! Six years ago, Xu Qing and Yang Yang Dou Wentao asked Jiang Wen why he slapped his ass? Most Asian women’s hips are flat, but Xu Qing has a fat free waist and abdomen, a tight buttocks, and an S-curve formed by a beautiful back.

With charming and sexy eyes, Tang Fengyi, the “flower of the capital”, was interpreted in the 2018 film “evil does not suppress justice”, which played opposite Peng Yuyan.

In order to show the perfect hip curve, Xu Qing did Yoga for three months before shooting.

The photographer photographed and blushed.

Jiang Wen smiled: “it’s wrong to shoot such a beautiful woman without blushing.” Xu Qing’s classic action, Jiang Wen personally demonstrated the action, raised her ass high, put her feet on the railing of the bed, lay forward and move her body a little bit.

Xu Qing was impressed.

“The director knows too much about women’s body language.

There is a woman in his heart.” Jiang Wen was also very satisfied.

“Xu Qing has a good play and has no bones all over.” Dou Wentao asked when interviewing Jiang Wen, “why pat your ass?” he answered sincerely: “because of beauty!” Jiang Wen, Peng Yuyan Xu Qing is obsessed with drama in recent years.

Does Xu Qing play Gu Xianglan, a famous prostitute? Xu Qing is not a vase like the Hong Kong goddess Li Jiaxin, nor does she retreat like Zhong Chuhong and Maggie Cheung.

She has been active on the big screen and drama stage since the age of 20.

Like old wine, she has a mellow taste.

The number and quality of her works have been rising in recent years.

In dream like dream, Xu Qing plays Gu Xianglan, a famous prostitute.

In 2013, Xu Qing participated in the Asian tour of Lai Shengchuan’s drama dream like dream, which lasted for 8 hours and more than 30 actors.

Xu Qing plays Gu Xianglan, a famous prostitute, and Hu Ge plays Xianglan’s followers.

Xu Qing’s performance has lasted for five years, dozens of times, and her pursuit of acting is obvious to all.

Therefore, she won the “Huading Award for best actress in drama”.

In the dream of dreams, Xu Qing plays Gu Xianglan, a famous prostitute.

Point of view: Xu Qing has been flying more and more in recent years.

The photos and videos he shows look like a girl.

There are often cute shapes of putting her fingers into her mouth.

The charming and wayward image in the reality show “flowers and youth” recorded with Zhang Han in 2014 is often criticized and ridiculed as an “exaggerated and artificial old princess”, but Wu Mengzhi, the chief writer of the program, commented, “if you can, who wants to grow up, all the grown chicken soup is forced”.

Xu Qing’s 52 year old figure, appearance and temperament are really good.

It’s really excellent to put them in the pile of women, but don’t say it’s the result of unmarried infertility.

That’s far from it.

Xu Qing’s 52 year old good state is the result of self-discipline! Xu Qing’s good state at the age of 52 is the result of self-discipline..

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