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Want to get rid of the swimming circle? You can’t just practice flat support. This yoga sequence is very effective!

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   Today, Xiaobian shares a set of core Yoga sequences.

First warm up as a whole, and then shape the abdominal area.

Keep practicing.

The effect is great! 01.

Downward dog pose from cat cow pose to downward dog pose.

Keep your shoulders away from your ears, keep your core slightly retracted, and extend your spine for 3-5 breaths.


Downward dog pose – inclined plate mountaineering pose from downward dog pose to downward dog pose with one leg, inhale, lift your right leg back and exhale upward, tighten the core, bend your knees forward, touch the outside of your right elbow, inhale and exhale, and bend your knees to touch the inside of your left elbow, Change the left side to repeat the exercise 03.

Exit the flat support from the dog under one leg, enter the flat support with the center of gravity forward, pay attention to start the core cooperative breathing, and stay for 30 seconds 04.

Exit the dolphin dolphin variant from the flat support, enter the dolphin style, pay attention to keep the spine extended, stay 3-5 breaths backward and upward, and enter the dolphin variant with the center of gravity forward, and stay for 3-5 breath05 Exit from dolphin pose, sit back with your hips towards your heels, enter into worship pose, adjust 8 breaths 06.

Flat support – single leg flat support exit from worship pose, enter flat support again, pay attention to start the core, tighten your thighs, lift and exhale, lift your left leg up, stop for 5 breaths, inhale and exhale, change the opposite side, repeat practice 07.

Latch kneeling position, with your right leg vertical, Straighten the left leg to the side, inhale, lift the right hand up, exhale, bend the body to the left, and the left hand falls on the left knee.

Turn your head to see that the upper right inhales back to the right, exhale, bend the body to the right, and the right hand falls on the outside of the right leg.

Straighten the left hand upward to maintain 5-8 breaths.

Change the opposite side exercise 08.

Side plank – one leg side plank exit from the latch type, enter the side plank type, and support the right hand on the ground, Turn your body to the right side, fold your feet up and down, hold your hip with your left hand and exhale, tighten the core, lift your right hip up.

If you have good core strength, you can try to lift your left leg and stay for 3-5 breaths, and change to the other side.


The supine leg lift exits from the side plate, lie on your back on the mat and enter the supine leg lift.

Exhale, tighten the core, lift your legs up, 90 degrees to the ground, and pay attention to keeping your waist and back close to the ground, Relax your shoulders with breathing, cross your legs slowly downward until they are at an angle of 30 degrees with the ground, and then restore your coordination breathing.

Dynamic exercise 3-5 groups 10.

Upper dog lie prone on the mat, put your hands on both sides of the chest, push your hands to the ground, enter the upper dog stretch your abdomen, relax your shoulders downward, and stay for 5-8 breaths.


Relax, lie on your back on the mat, with your toes naturally outstretched, and put your hands on both sides of the body, Close your eyes and relax.

Stay for 3-5 minutes.

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