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Weimi yoga instructor he Yaohui personally taught: parent-child Yoga without leaving home in late winter

Exercise is very important for children’s growth and development.

However, in late winter, the outdoor gradually becomes “frozen hands and feet”.

Parents are having a headache.

How can we ensure children’s exercise time? Little milk had a secret chat with the Weimi model fitness coach and the mother of a 1-and-a-half-year-old baby, yoga coach he Yaohui, to see what she thought.

If you are a senior lover of yoga and often search for knowledge and content about yoga, you must know Jessica he Yaohui.

It was the first time we met Jessica in nearly two years and the first time she met after her birth.

She came from plain face.

After seeing her, I was surprised that her appearance had not changed from that two years ago, and even more energetic.

The wonderful impact of continuous exercise on people was obvious.

Compact skin, soft lines and vitality from inside to outside, and the surprise brought by exercise was more than that.

“Yoga calms you down.” I asked curiously about my career experience.

Why did I choose “Yoga” as the focus of my career among many sports? For he Yaohui, yoga is not only a work, a career, but also a way of life.

She said: “at a certain age, you will find that yoga is a channel and attachment point.

It can calm you down.” When he Yaohui first became a coach, he Yaohui also had his own confusion.

At that time, the definition of fitness coach was very vague, and even many people didn’t understand it.

“If I don’t have the approval of others, it’s hard for me to insist.

Even if some students tell me: teacher, you’re really great.

It can be said that my students have made me firm in my yoga career.” Yoga also surprised her more.

A year and a half ago, he Yaohui became a mother.

Without any preparation and plan, without considering age and work, their sons came to them one by one like a gift.

At the beginning, he Yaohui admitted that her new identity made her a little “flustered”, and her working time was shortened a lot.

However, she was tired.

“I didn’t like children when I didn’t have children.

Now I find the happiness and happiness of having children.” He Yaohui said happily.

When he Yaohui was pregnant with his son, he Yaohui was several years old beyond the boundary of elderly mothers, but perhaps because exercise may also be a physical advantage, the production was more smooth than expected.

“Because I have professional knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, it is also helpful for production.

My understanding of age is very vague, which has a lot to do with my career.

I will accept age and wonder what changes my body will have in different ages in the future.

I will always observe myself and adjust myself with professional curiosity.” “I’m honored to be his mother.” Before he Yaohui became a mother, he always believed that only children needed their mother, and it was the mother’s unilateral pay.

But after having children, she found that she was wrong.

“Once, I went out to work.

My family called and said that the child had been crying and wanted his mother.

At that moment, my tears came down.

At that moment, I understood that not only the child needed his mother, but also the mother herself.

From the moment the child was born, there was a new relationship called mutual dependence.” Now one and a half years old, he is a very cute and handsome cub.

He inherited his mother’s sports cells and was a naughty child.

As a professional fitness coach, I thought he Yaohui would make a very professional parent-child sports plan, or let children take sports courses.

However, in the eyes of he Yaohui, companionship is the highest quality parent-child movement.

“The real parent-child sport is to become each other’s toys.

Mom and dad make the baby happy and exercise themselves through touching, lifting and other activities; the baby can do the actions he likes through mom and dad’s instructions.

Playing games together, such parent-child sport is the highest quality sport.” Children’s sports is another important field in which he Yaohui studies kinematics.

At each stage, he Yaohui will accompany the baby to do the most suitable sports for him.

“For example, when the baby learns to crawl, I will let him climb as much as possible, because this can exercise the baby’s coordination ability and promote the development of sensory organs.

In addition, it can also strengthen the baby’s neck and bones and make the muscles and cervical spine more supportive.

In this way, he will stand more stable in the future.” Little mikq & amilk: everyone is saying “keep exercising”, so does the meaning of keeping exercising just mean exercising every day? He Yaohui: stick to exercise, not every day.

People need to recover.

If they want to work efficiently, they need good adjustment and relaxation.

Adhering to exercise is a process, a combination of exercise and rest, so that the body can feel relaxed while stretching and recover well, so as to have a better sense of exercise experience.

Milk: what changes have taken place in your working state since you became a mother? He Yaohui: I think the biggest change after being a mother is to learn to accept it.

Accept that you can’t accept so much work before, accept that you give up work that you don’t have to do, and allocate these time to your baby.

In fact, this is not to give up my career, but to improve the quality of my work.

Milk: will the baby’s exercise give you some inspiration at work? He Yaohui: I like to observe him through his sports.

Looking back at my own work, I will find that our current sports are actually restoring the function of the body.

For example, children like to do downward dog pose, which is their instinct, but they stretch their body invisibly.

This kind of action is also very suitable for adults to practice, stimulate their instinct again and restore their physical function..

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