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What is “Yoga Pants”? “Shark pants” are really thin! It’s amazing to wear a down jacket

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Please rest assured that winter is a season when we need to spend more time thinking about dressing collocation.

The “thinking” here doesn’t require you to wear how amazing and eye-catching, but thinking about how to dress thinner.

Because most winter items are big and long, so are top items and bottom items.

The problem caused by these characteristics is that loose fitting makes your body curve become two parallel lines, like a pillar, strong, stiff and fat.

The same width of the upper order will lead to fat.

The combination of elasticity and tightness is the thin password in autumn and winter, so Xiaobian suggests that we try thin shark pants this winter.

Even the bloated down jacket can become thin! 1、 Take you to know shark pants point 1: Shark pants fabric the main materials of shark pants are anti oxygen elastic yarn and nylon yarn.

The fabric of shark pants imitates the structure of shark skin and has the same texture as swimsuit and swimsuit.

Its biggest advantage is its strong resilience.

Because of this feature, shark pants can have a very good effect of modifying the body when wearing.

It’s no problem to close the abdomen, lift the hips and shape.

In addition, the comfort of sharks is higher than that of leggings, which is undoubtedly a more intimate existence for winter.

On the other hand, compared with ordinary leggings, shark pants will not become thinner due to the expansion of muscles and then show flesh color because of the high density of fabrics.

Therefore, shark pants can avoid the risk of embarrassment in daily wear.

Point 2: Shark pants version shark pants benchmarking is our daily “tight pants”, and close fitting is the biggest feature of shark pants.

2、 How to choose shark pants in daily wear? Tips1 – choose to look at the wearer’s leg shape > > > tights are easy to expose leg shape problems.

Compared with tough tights, shark pants with close fitting and soft fabrics also expose leg curves, such as knee fat accumulation caused by posture problems such as knee hyperextension and calf valgus, These leg shape problems will “die in the light” when wearing shark pants.

It can be seen that shark pants do need to be supported by “excellent” leg conditions.

The leg shape should be symmetrical, especially the lower legs should not be muscle legs, and the legs should be straight.

In this way, the effect of wearing shark pants will be better.

After all, dressing is a process of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

There is no need to choose inappropriate items in order to like or chase the trend.

Tips2 – choose to see the color.

For the difference of public aesthetics, the market has launched shark pants with various color designs.

As we all know, it depends on the color.

Therefore, starting from the versatility, the color selection of shark pants should be a relatively low-key basic color.

The most common is black.

Black is not only versatile, but also has a thin effect as a shrinkage color.

It is worth becoming your first choice.

Another popular color of shark pants is gray.

Gray is brighter than black.

Although it is low-key, it is also special.

It is suitable for babies who are tired of watching Black Shark pants.

The versatile attribute is not inferior to black.

3、 Yoga pants + shark pants, how to wear more advanced? As we said earlier, shark pants as tight pants will expose the characteristics of the body, but by modifying the body disadvantage through some “suit the remedy to the case” items, we can make the wearing of shark pants more advanced and thin.

Skill (1): according to the body shape matching ① thick matching of lower legs > > > small knitting of down jacket + shark pants + Knight boots, many girls around have the problem of muscle lower legs, and the popular medium and long barrel Knight boots this year can be modified for this disadvantage.

It should also be noted here that when selecting Knight boots, the three principles of “firm and stylish boot body”, “natural transition of ankle design” and “thin but not heavy sole” should be followed.

Such boots with shark pants will not lower the visual center of gravity and have a negative effect.

② In fact, the long down jacket + shark pants are very friendly to pear shaped bodies in winter, because many pear shaped bodies only have the problem of hip width, thin legs and straight legs, while most winter coats are long, which can cover the hips well.

In the matching template of down jacket + shark pants, you can choose the long down jacket to cover the crotch, but when choosing the long down jacket, you should also pay attention not to choose the mopping style covering the ankle or the knee length style stuck at the knee.

These two lengths are very pressing.

> > > Short down jacket + long inside jacket + shark pants if you happen to have no long down jacket in your wardrobe, you can use the long inside jacket to cover your crotch.

The matching method of short down jacket + long inside jacket has a more sufficient sense of hierarchy, and it also virtually emphasizes the waist line.

Compared with the long one, this set of template is more suitable for pear shaped small people.

③ The upper body is strong > > > sleeveless down jacket + sweater + shark pants.

If the upper body is pear shaped, the body characteristics of shoulder width and large chest require you to reduce the burden on the upper body when wearing.

Sleeveless down jacket will make the body ratio look narrower when wearing, so it is more suitable for O-shape body.

Here, we also need to teach a little skill of wearing O-shaped figure.

In winter, we should “wear the coat open”.

The sense of openness will eliminate the sense of crowding in the upper body and achieve the ideal effect of being thin..

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