What yoga beginners must know, how should strength practice begin

When strength training begins, don’t give up.

As the saying goes, “those who win the four pillars win the world”.

Strength always runs through every corner of the practice.

Without the blessing of strength, it will be difficult to practice.

But push ups are too difficult for novices.

I can’t do any of them.

I also know the importance of strength, but I don’t know how to face and start.

Let’s use the simplest language today to let you understand the practice method and thinking of strength improvement.

Even if you can’t do push ups, this practice logic is most suitable for you.

First of all, let’s make it clear where the biggest difficulty for beginners to improve their strength is.

Will they not practice their movements, or the movements are not standard enough? The biggest difficulty is persistence.

In 2021, I did a study.

When beginners practice strength for the first time, they will over complete a large number of exercises (this is wrong), and only 8% of them stick to it all the time (Statistics 100 times).

More than two-thirds of the people gave up after three days of practice.

This data is really too low.

Less than one of the 10 people participated in the practice.

What’s the reason for this? It’s easy for beginners to be confused by the illusion of practice.

The teacher looks so relaxed.

I’m sure it’s OK, but what he doesn’t know is that the teacher has been practicing for more than ten years.

Beginners start practicing with a cavity of enthusiasm.

It seems that they have seen the future on the first day; The next day I couldn’t, my body fell apart, and I couldn’t hold on; The third day, I want to rest, no, I want to insist, tired I don’t want to talk; On the fourth day, whether I lie down or practice, forget it, it’s not difficult for me.

Take a break today.

On the fifth day, I’m too tired and ineffective.

All this is so true.

For beginners to practice strength for the first time, what they need to do is not to start, but to understand.

The old saying teaches us: know yourself and the enemy, and you will be invincible in a hundred battles.

We need to know where our ability range is, how much exercise load I can bear, and how much time I practice at a time is more appropriate.

In the first practice, we can try all the actions we know that are helpful for strength improvement, so as to understand what actions we can do and what actions are difficult for ourselves at present.

It should be noted that the exercise load should not be too large and the exercise time should not be too long.

Obscurity produces beauty.

You will really fall in love with it only when there is a certain distance from the real strength practice.

Now make a plan for yourself (if you can’t contact the Xiaobian), choose a few of the actions you have tried and can complete, don’t be too many, and the practice time can be maintained at 20 minutes.

You may ask, will 20 minutes of practice be effective? What I want to say is that the effect is not significant, but this time won’t beat back your self-confidence, We need to practice 20 minutes for two weeks, and then increase to 30 minutes in the following week.

Congratulations, you have formed the habit of strength practice every day.

Then you can start real strength practice.

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