Why shouldn’t you skip the Sun Salutation when practicing yoga?

The Sanskrit name of sun worship is Su, which is either in yoga or in yoga ̄ ryanamaska ̄ RA is the foundation of yoga practice.

As we all know, the stronger the foundation at the bottom, the more stable the structure above.

Ashtanga Yoga is developed with the sun worship as the center.

You should know that many yoga genres are influenced by Ashtanga Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga practice began from the worship of the sun ab.

thousands of years ago, the sun represented health, the existence of higher energy and the light to get rid of the cycle of life and death.

Sun worship can be practiced alone, for example, 108 times.

It is often used as a yoga warm-up practice.

When we practice the sun worship, we are actually drawing energy from the sun, and then more energy is used in postural practice and daily life and work.

There are many benefits of sun worship.

Give your body a complete warm-up.

If you spend 5-15 minutes doing sun worship, you will greatly reduce the chance of injury.

The correct warm-up should be that you sweat a little and breathe a little faster.

But you shouldn’t have a bad breath or feel exhausted.

Sun worship includes aerobic, stretching and core strengthening, which will increase blood circulation and body temperature, help increase muscle oxygen content, and activate deep muscles and tissues.

Improve the overall flexibility of the body.

The sun worship style relaxes joints and muscles, increases the elasticity of muscles and connective tissue, and then increases the range of motion of joints and reduces the pain after exercise.

In the Sun Salutation, the intervertebral disc is massaged and stimulated, which makes it easier to achieve a series of postures of folding and bending back.

Regular practice of the Sun Salutation will improve the overall strength of the body and the flexibility of the spine.

Increase muscle strength and endurance when the muscle gets heat, the passing blood temperature will also increase, making it easier for the muscle to obtain oxygen and improving the overall endurance of the muscle.

Practicing sun worship will increase body temperature and thus increase the secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine.

The increase of these hormones will increase the conversion of fatty acid oxygen into energy and carbohydrates (energy required by muscles).

Improve the coordination of body breathing.

In the Sun Salutation, the movement is coordinated with breathing.

Each pose needs to maintain a complete breathing.

This helps to improve the coordination of breathing.

Preparation and concentration due to the complexity of movement and breathing coordination in the Sun Salutation, maintaining concentration is necessary.

When you begin to practice the Sun Salutation, your attention needs to be gradually adjusted to prepare for the next pose, otherwise it is easy to get hurt.

Sun worship will improve your consciousness and concentration, which is very important for a quality yoga practice and meditation.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you practice the sun worship every day.

You can practice it more than 9 times every morning.

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