Workshop Yoga Workshop does not close during the Spring Festival

This course introduces the inner flow workshop, which makes every movement of Yoga highly consistent with the rhythm of music.

This fit is not only the sensory enjoyment of the body, but also an inward spiritual exploration.

In yoga, be with yourself.

In this journey of inner yoga, come to embrace the soul.

Ashtanga workshop Ashtanga Plus is a scientific practice method that has evolved for thousands of years.

The first sequence is Sanskrit yoga Chikitsa, which means “Yoga physiotherapy”.

It is a set of Yoga physiotherapy practice suitable for all people.

The handstand workshop looks at the world from another angle.

It seems that the ultimate goal of every yoga practitioner is to have a cool handstand.

However, the handstand world still needs to start from those basic foundations.

The pain treatment workshop comprehensively regulates the structural imbalance of the human body from skeletal muscle to fascia system.

Integrate the health concept of eastern and Western sources to help patients recover from trauma and deal with specific problems such as postoperative rehabilitation.

Course arrangement: introduction to the activities of Xingong store, Chaoyang store and daguanying store.

Course price: RMB 3588.

Early bird price: RMB 2888 (as of January 23) non early bird price: RMB 3088 (as of January 28) single day registration: (please note the course) Early bird price: RMB 628 original price: RMB 728 hours, 120 minutes per class, refund and cancellation mechanism, 10% service charge for refund on and before January 28, 2022, 30% service charge for refund from January 29, 2022.

Once the workshop starts, there will be no refund, special discount on Yoga clothes.

All students participating in the Yoga Workshop can enjoy 20% discount on yoga clothes on the day of the workshop.

You can contact us for purchase or consultation of courses Staff 1 Xingong store 2 Chaoyang store 3 Daguan camp..

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