New Yoga Life

Yoga gives me a place to really get along with myself

Yoga can give you, but other sports can’t.

Around the world, dancers, anxious CEOs and single mothers are healing themselves through the power of yoga and growing up in practice.

The following stories come from people who use yoga to heal sadness, disease, emotion and disease trauma.

Yoga may not cure everything, but it helps a lot in the process.

Choose to try to heal and devote yourself to the process, no matter how uncertain and painful the path may be.

Yoga, I can now say that Yoga saved my life, Corrine.

I have always been a very healthy person; I ride my bike every morning.

Soon after, I was on the yoga mat.

At first, yoga was purely fitness for me.

I like spells and fingerprints, but I don’t really understand them.

For me, it’s just a physical problem.

Then I got sick.

I don’t think anyone would expect to hear “you have cancer”.

When cancer knocked on the door, my whole world changed.

I remember that after three major operations and before chemotherapy, my yoga teacher would help me breathe, which made me pass the next operation.

I remember the first time she took a lot of props to let me enter the pigeon pose.

I finally let go and just cried.

She just kept saying “breathe”.

I’ve had many surgeries, but I’m still trying to deal with cancer.

I don’t feel anything from my left armpit to my elbow, and I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t practice like others, and I won’t be able to do handstands without support.

It doesn’t matter, because everyone needs support to get through the difficulties, and we all need help.

Practicing yoga helped me find the true meaning of family and support, and the importance of letting go and breathing.

I just keep practicing.

I have been praying for myself, for my friends lost by breast cancer, and for all those who fight against this terrible and cruel disease.

Yoga, I didn’t take yoga classes until the last year of her life.

Dayton, my story comes from my wife’s purple yoga mat.

When she was 35 years old, she was diagnosed with four stage of breast cancer.

She began to look for ways to fight cancer other than western medicine.

After one of her replacement doctors recommended yoga, she began continuous practice.

She will practice on this purple cushion and engrave her name with a black marker.

My wife fought cancer for 12 years and never stopped.

She always told me how much Yoga helped her, but I didn’t go to class until the last year of her life.

Although I kept practicing, I never really believed in the spiritual elements of this practice until the last moment of my life.

One day, we were sitting in the hospital.

She told me that she was no longer afraid of death.

Now, at the age of 53, I have gained strength from yoga practice that I have never imagined.

Keep practicing without the pause button.

After so long, I stepped on my wife’s purple cushion.

It showed no sign of decomposition.

Although the mark of her name no longer exists, I can feel the energy she left on the mat.

Yoga brought me back to me after yoga got cancer.

Now five and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

From diagnosis to surgery to treatment, everything happened very quickly.

It’s hard to face cancer, even more difficult to face the consequences.

After treatment, I became so weak that I couldn’t stand up or walk to the bathroom.

Suddenly, I changed from an active, super, healthy person to a weak body that I can no longer recognize.

On the morning of the operation, I promised myself that I would be fine.

I would not waste the second chance I had in my life: I would live in a different way and make every day meaningful.

So I did.

I began to educate myself about health, natural therapy, food, mindfulness and anything I could find.

One day, my best friend came to me and said she found a cool yoga studio and suggested that we go together, so we went! The greatest goddess is teaching the most inspiring yoga class.

Since then, I have never looked back, not even a day without yoga.

Yoga brings me back to me, the real me, my body, my soul.

I began to recover, my health began to improve, my mind became more focused and open, and every day looked like a new day.

Later, I learned a lot about life, about myself, about love, about openness and acceptance.

I learned to forgive and let go of many things in my past and childhood.

Yoga changed my life.

Yoga saved my life.

Yoga, meditation, all this, is a great health medicine.

Chris yoga makes me feel good.

When I feel good, I will be more prepared to deal with the inevitable challenges in life, no matter what they are.

After years of practice, if I don’t practice for a few days, my body will burn because of asana.

Similar to meditation, this is a very challenging subject for me.

Sometimes I only know that I need to sit quietly with myself.

To be honest, yoga, meditation, all these are good health drugs.

I’d rather indulge in these things than my shame, guilt, depression or drugs.

Yoga has given me a place to really get along with myself, which may be the first time in my life.

I lived for 25 years before I tried yoga, but I don’t know how much energy I actually put into really respecting and listening to what’s happening inside me.

I am often overwhelmed by emotions.

I have been fighting depression, but we must do something to try to heal ourselves and contact the world, otherwise I know I will always be intoxicated with myself and try to survive..

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