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Yoga halls are all over every corner of the city. Everyone is in the age of yoga. What are the consequences of not practicing yoga|| Answer

/NO.94 (click audio to learn) Q & a 94 | Carrie | ※ | teacher, I feel that everyone is doing yoga now.

Is yoga really so common? Yoga has been very common.

Yoga has developed for more than ten years since there was a museum in a few years ago.

Basically, there is a museum or gym around every community.

More and more people like this kind of practice, which is beneficial to sub-health people In general, it is a very effective way of mitigation.

Basically, there are some old members in each yoga hall who practice very well and have a tight abdomen.

People who don’t know think they are yoga teachers.

These people drive more people into the yoga hall.

Yoga for the frozen age, shaping the body is obvious to all.

So that when your girlfriends are practicing yoga and fitness, you are afraid to join them because of the growing gap in appearance and body! So, gamma people, start yoga as soon as possible.

The day you start yoga, your age will stay on that day.

Good teacher.

Recently, my right wrist is always painful and even my arm is numb.

I need to use my hand for about 12 hours every day.

How can I do physiotherapy? There are many nerves and joints at our wrists.

There is a transverse ligament at the wrist where you wear a watch.

When it is hyperactive, it will thicken.

If it thickens to a certain extent, it will compress the nerves at the wrist, resulting in numbness and pain in the arm.

See the detailed demonstration in the article for specific physiotherapy actions.

Reverse prayer has a miraculous effect on wrist pain and stiffness.

No, you can try it now.

Come back to the message area in 30 seconds to share your feelings.

Good teacher, the distance between my legs is very large.

What can I do to improve it? There is a big gap between the two legs, which not only affects the beauty, but also reflects the problems of the legs themselves, because there are problems in the knee joints, hip joints and large and small leg bones of the two legs, which will lead to a large gap between the two legs.

What should we do in this situation? The solution is to correct the alignment of hip, knee and leg bones through postures.

Half moon pose is a pose that can make an immediate effect when practiced in place.

Please refer to the detailed demonstration in the article for specific practice methods.

In the half moon pose, a very important point is that the lower knee should be facing the 2.3 toes.

Adjusting this knee will change the alignment of thigh bones and hip joints.

When you really adjust it, you will see that the gap between your legs becomes much smaller 30 seconds after practicing the pose.

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