Yoga is not only a physical posture, but also a spiritual posture

If you are depressed, it is because you live in the past.

If you are anxious, it is because you live in the future.

If you are calm, it is because you live in the present.

You should fall in love with your body, accept it and love it well.

Because it wants to live with you all its life.

Real yoga is not the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.

If you lose your balance in yoga asana, lift it up.

It’s not just yoga, it’s your life.

Yoga is dancing in the light and darkness within you.

That light will take you to the yoga mat and the darkness will be uncovered.

Don’t be afraid of darkness.

These are only shadows.

Even if you have to walk through the dark corridor, you should remember that the light will bring you freedom.

Yoga magic chair contains the spirit of resistance.

Even if you are pulled down by gravity, you keep walking up.

Other asanas are the same.

Try to pose not only physically, but also mentally.

Yoga is not external fitness, but internal cultivation.

This is the spirit of practice.

Open your mind and focus on your consciousness, and you will find that we already know everything and know ourselves.

In yoga, there is no competition, no comparison, no judgment.

Yoga is not only self-improvement, but also self acceptance.

The purpose of yoga meditation is not to control your mind, but not to let your mind control you.

When you choose not to let other people and things control your emotions, it will bring inner peace.

Do what you like and make it shine.

It’s also part of yoga-.

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