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Yoga is to find your inner light

Click “Ashtanga Yoga road” above to subscribe! “I know I should do this every day, but why didn’t I do it?” “I know it’s bad, I shouldn’t do it, but I still did it.” “I understand the reason, but I still can’t stop” This inner dialogue is not strange, is it? This is my reality.

I guess it is also the reality of many people.

We should change this model.

We must start now.

Now is the best time.

If you have an inner dialogue like the above, you will have a little awareness of yourself; Self consciousness, even if it is only a fleeting glance, is also a gift; A chance to start over, a chance to restart yourself better, a chance to change As a yogi, consciousness is like a beam of light in the dark; Darkness is because of ignorance If we use the inner light as a guide, we can see the path beyond pain.

Everyone’s heart has a light source, you can call it pure consciousness, you can call it connection, you can call it divinity, you can call it soul, you can call it great love, you can call it any sacred name Just language, no matter how you define yoga, its reality is to bring you close to a state This state is like light, which is already inside and in everyone’s heart Yoga practice, postures, chanting, meditation, devotion, studying Classics, listening to sermons Whatever Yoga method you use is good All the dust that surrounds this light source – aimless avidy ā (poke here) let the light that is already inside you shine…

This is also the “method” of Yoga told us in patangali’s Yoga Sutra -Find the inner light and guide us from darkness to light with the inner light.

For such yoga practice, you don’t even need yoga mats, lululemon yoga clothes, a yoga classroom with warm floors, and various fancy accessories You just need to have a willingness to explore your inner light.

For modern people, to practice yoga is to keep fit and sweat, to treat shoulders and neck, to improve back bending, to stand upside down, to take asanas, to complete sequence 1 and enter sequence 2 These concrete, tangible goals are much more real and real than what pursues the inner light.

However, as the Buddhist said, “you can’t take everything with you, only karma with you”, this understanding is too painful for too many people; In the world full of chaos, negative news and disasters, in the inner thoughts full of desire and temptation, under the waves and undercurrent of life full of uncertainty, worry, disappointment and pain, seeing a beam of light in the deep sea and making the light brighter and brighter is the real “deep work” – the most difficult and deepest yoga practice, and also the most advanced yoga practice that really deserves the Sanskrit name yoga, This internal lesson is taken with you and becomes your “karma”.

When your body has turned to ashes, the fruit of this most difficult and deepest lesson will still be in the world.

Yoga is our living state; She asked us to observe the world with a calm brain, instead of looking around me with the dirty glasses of the story compiled in our brain; The world is so big that you have to change an eye that can see the truth, otherwise where you go to see the illusion that you have only painted more bright dyes.

Only by finding your inner light can you see the inner light and the purity of the soul of all those around you.

You can see that people’s behavior only reflects their living situation, not everyone’s real inner self.

When you know that nothing can extinguish the inner light, we don’t care about other people and our own behavior.

There is light, there is peace in the heart, there is yoga.

Living dangerously, take risks to live, don’t be afraid of getting hurt Rumi Shiyun: the wound is the place where the sun shines on your body.

700 years later, Leonard Cohen wrote Rumi into the lyrics: thereisa cracking in everything, that’s how the light gets in (end of the article) online class recommends scanning the two-dimensional code of the picture for details: click below“.

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