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Yoga lasso twist, is your body ready?

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Yoga Lasso is an advanced yoga twist posture, which requires the opening of shoulders, the flexibility of spine and the extension of thigh and hip muscles.

The following figure shows the movement direction and muscle operation of the body: the muscle contraction of the red part, the muscle contraction of the upper back and the adduction of the shoulder blades help open the muscle extension and stretching of the green part of the shoulder, rotate the shoulder outward, extend the sitting bone downward, extend the top of the head upward, and gradually practice the lasso style ↓↓↓ 1 Stand in a pyramid, with feet open, two-thirds of the distance between legs and hips, with hands behind you, pray, exhale, fold forward and down, and keep breathing for 10 times in the chest and knees.

2 Stand in Eagle pose, wrap your hands, put your palms together, wrap your left leg around your right thigh, hook your right foot back to your lower leg, move your body forward and down, and keep breathing for 10 times.

3 Lunge twist the lunge with the right leg bent in front, then twist to the right, support the ground with the left hand on the outside of the right foot, extend the left hand to the top of the head, keep breathing for 10 times, and change sides 4 Mariqi sits up, bends her right leg, turns her body backward with her right foot on the ground, puts her left elbow against the outside of her right knee, and keeps breathing for 10 times, changing sides for 5 Half fish twist sitting and standing, bend the left knee, the left foot is outside the right hip, the right foot is outside the left knee, the left elbow is against the outside of the right knee, twist to the right, keep breathing for 10 times, and change sides for 6 Twist the lunge to the lunge with the left leg bent in front, turn to the left and right hands, grasp the left wrist, turn your head to look at the top, keep breathing for 10 times, change sides 7 In the wreath style, the heels are close together, the soles of the feet are separated from the knees, the body is folded between the legs, the hands are around the knees, the arms are extended backward to maintain 10 breaths, and enter the twist wreath style ▼ squat against the wall, the heels step on the rolled up yoga blanket, the feet are close together, the knees are close together to reverse the body, support the wall with both hands to help reverse, maintain 10 breaths, and practice away from the wall on the other side, Step on the rolled up yoga blanket with your heels, your feet close together, your knees close together, twist your body backward, put your left arm against the outside of your knees, grasp your right hand backward, and keep your left hand breathing for 10 times.

Change sides.

This is an advanced deep twisting posture.

If you can’t do it, start from the foundation and strengthen the twisting step by step.

Practice your own yoga every day-.

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