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Yoga Meditation for 10 minutes, the body would have this change!

/NO.35 (click the audio to learn) Yoga Meditation 35 | Qianqian | ※ sabija means support and nirbija means no support.

Like the kind / seedless breath regulation and the kind / seedless samadhi, there are two kinds of piety, one is virtuous piety and the other is immoral piety.

God is both tangible and intangible.

For human beings, tangible God is easier to understand than intangible God.

As a tangible body, I The God in our imagination is not only in human form, but also in virtue and Brahma.

Sadguna and durguna interweave is human nature.

If sadguna is the nature of justice, durguna is the nature of injustice.

Therefore, we say that God is in the form of Saguna or sadguna, with the nature of auspiciousness.

It is difficult for human beings to imagine an invisible God.

Therefore, people with great curiosity and creativity shape God into an adult image for people to worship, because consciousness needs aids to think and worship God.

So we worship the tangible God and pray devoutly.

Sagunaisvara just appeared.

Patangali talked not only about sagunabhakti, but also about nirgunabhakti, which is beyond the nature of possibility.

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