Yoga pants can be said to be a classic in the wardrobe, giving you the elegance you want, a little novel

Yoga pants can be described as a classic in the wardrobe, giving you the elegance you want, a little novel.

The matching skills of yoga pants, learn these three moves to ensure that you wear fashionable and personalized, and often joke with friends: “start with Moxi dry skirt, go shopping at ordinary times, and have a proper fashionable style.” But in fact, Moxi dry skirt is more suitable for formal occasions.

For slovenly daily workers, Moxi dry skirt is sometimes not suitable for going into and out of the office.

Today Miss LAN will have a good chat with you about how to wear Moxi dry skirt to better meet today’s “formal and fashionable” theme.

Moxigan style is actually very easy to understand, that is, dress up very calm and three-dimensional.

Pay special attention to the matching of version and color in daily wear, otherwise it will appear dull and lack of vitality if you don’t pay attention.

The body is symmetrical and the color is bright.

Although it is only a thread dress, it can obviously feel the straightness of the version, and the color is dark.

The overall style gives people a capable and cool feeling.

It looks more fashionable when matched with the color system that is prone to defects in daily life, suits, sweaters, coats and other elements* Note that the color matching is not impossible, but to minimize the appearance of similar colors when wearing.

For example, when wearing a white shirt in a suit, try to avoid the white suit style and choose a color matching similar to moxigan as much as possible.

The selection of style profile is appropriate.

First, match with moxigan.

It is obvious that in terms of clothing style, generally speaking, relatively loose or narrow waist are the best moxigan choice.

The loose version can make people look more flexible, while the moxigan with narrow waist and rigid fabric will create a mature atmosphere.

Moxi dry skirt is mostly designed with flanging and folds in the chest, so the design of waist circumference and side is relatively special.

The position of some waist and abdomen can not be fully displayed, so that the outline of the whole outline is not particularly just good, and the fabric gives people the feeling of being stiff.

This design not only reflects the unique body curve of women, but also retains the fashion and vitality of Moxi dry clothes.

In terms of color, moxigan style clothes are often matched with color or black, blue, orange, etc.

There are many colors of Moxi dry, and most of Moxi dry clothes are dark, so different colors will have different effects.

However, it should be noted that the material of moxigan is generally thick.

If the color matching of single color can be avoided as far as possible, the effect of harmony and unity can also be achieved.

Match three elements * remember not to wear loose fabrics with Moxi dry skirts as sweaters to show the steadiness of Moxi dry pants, but the colors should not be too bright, such as the following figure* Avoid the similarity between items.

Moxigan suit has steady visual impact.

If you want to complement other items and wear personality, you often have to match with more bright items…

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